Company A-Z - Naval Technology
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Information Management Software for the Defence Sector
Ship and Yacht Building Experts
Ultra-Filtration Membrane Units
IP KVM Technology for the Naval Sector
Cable and Wiring Products for Naval Fleets
Advanced Platforms for Mission-Critical Communications
Electromechanical, Electronic and Electro-Optic Naval Systems
Photoluminescent and Retro-Reflective Solutions for Naval Applications
Air Contamination Control Devices
Optronic Technologies and Products
Waveguide Pressurisation Equipment and Radar Waveguide Dehydrators for Military Specifications
Multifunction Consoles, Electronics Cabinets, and Flat Screen Displays and Racks
Diving Industry Equipment
Avionics Subsystems for Defence Applications
Rigid Inflatable Boats
Systems Engineering, VTS / CSS Technologies, Port Security and Naval Electronic Systems
Microwave Sub-Systems for the Defence Industry
Thermal, Fireproof and Acoustic Insulation for Defence and Offshore Industries
Sonar Systems for Naval Applications
Air Purification Equipment for Surface Ships and Submarines
Advanced Systems for Naval Automation and Propulsion
Infrared Cameras, Multi-Axis-Stabilized Cameras and Optical Systems
Rugged LCD Screens for Military and Marine Environments
Hardware and Software for Combat Management, Navigation, Electronic Warfare and Sonar Systems
Custom Design of Specialist Patrol and Interdiction Vessels, and RHIBs
High-Performance Magnetometers for Marine Defence Applications
Flat-Panel Oriented Displays and Workstations
Training and Support Services for Naval Personnel
Warfighting Knowledge and Expertise for Naval Combat Systems and Technologies
Acoustic Sensors, Sonars and Navigational Aids for Maritime Applications
Naval Platform Design and In-Service Support
Composite Materials and Parts for Submarines
Antennas and Radio Communications Systems for Naval Vessels and Submarines
Onboard Flooring and Deck Covering Systems
Noise and Vibration Testing for the Maritime Defence Industry
DFTS: Highly Secure Naval Voice, LAN, Data and WAN Communications
Diving and Survival Equipment, Ballistic Floatation Vests and RIB Boats
Stainless-Steel Fasteners
Dunlop Low Pressure Floating Fenders
Radar Display and Target Tracking for Naval Command and Navigation Systems
Advanced Ceramics for the Naval Industry
Signal-Processing Systems for Sonar and Sonobuoy Analysis, Simulation and Training
Laser and Electro-Optical Systems for Naval Firing Control and Countermeasure Systems, and Helicopter Visual Landing Aid Systems
Ship Cable Installation and Planning Software
Electrical Slipring Assemblies for Naval Operations
Anti-Shock and Tailor-Made Technological Solutions
RF Receiver Products
Defence and Shipboard MF to UHF Antennas, Antenna Combiners / Diplexers and Control Systems
Fire-Protection Equipment and Safety Systems for Naval Applications
Protective Cases for Naval Equipment
Radio Frequency Spectrum Monitoring and Intelligence for the Naval Industry
Modular Floating Platforms
Analysis of IT Equipment for the Naval Industry
INDAL Naval Handling Systems
High-End Lithium-Ion Batteries and Plug-In Battery Systems
Overhaul and Assembly of Aircraft Wheel and Brake Assemblies
Hi-Tech, Tailor-Made Carbon Fibre Yachts
MIL Qualified Displays and Rugged Panel Computers for the Marine Defence Industry
Ship Fire and Smoke Detectors
Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) for Naval Operations
Naval Cable Systems and Variable Depth Sonar Cables for the Marine Defence Industry
Ship Navigation Systems and Tactical Data Links
Diver Tracking and Monitoring Systems
Technical Assurance Solutions for Naval Projects
Powering Progress, Defining Your Future
Defence and Security Equipment International Exhibition
Underwater Port Security and Sonar Systems
Radar Simulation, Processing and Distribution Technologies
Water-Lubricated Bearings and Shaft Sealing Systems
Outfittings, Interiors and Accommodation for the Naval Industry
Video Trackers, Tracking Systems and Controllers
Naval Communications Systems
Naval Communication Antennas
Stabilised Modular Weapon Stations for OPV’s and FPB’s
Secure Communications Management Systems
Frequency Converters, UPS, Starters, Control and Power Electric Solutions for Military Applications
MU90 Advanced Lightweight Torpedo
High-Power Capacitors for Naval Operations
Advanced Maritime Technologies
Submarine Propulsion Batteries
Technological Solutions, Weapons and Ammunition for Marine Security and Defence
Shipbuilding Services for Naval and Security Operations
Helicopter Handling Systems, Hangars, Hangar Doors, Doors and Hatches
Military Diving Equipment, Drysuits, Dry Hoods, Dive Underwear and Cold Water Diving Suits
Military and Naval Equipment
Thermal Protection for Wetsuit and Drysuit Diving
Fusion Solutions for the Naval Industry
Submarine Masts and Components
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Ruggedized, Specialized and Customized LCD Monitors
Marine Engineering for the Naval and Shipbuilding Industries
Electronic Security and Fire Protection Solutions
Monthly Digital Magazine for the Defence Industry
Shock Protection Solutions and Anti-Vibration Mounts
Underwater Robotics
High-Speed Military Vessels
Helicopter Refuelling Systems, In-flight Refuelling and Fuel Filtration for the Naval Sector
Integrated Internal and External Communication Systems and Equipment
High-Performance Valves and Valve Systems
MIL Qualified Displays and Computers
Replenishment-at-Sea (RAS) Systems
Marine Composite Products
Electric Trim and Stabilization Systems for Naval Applications
Naval Pump Engineering Solutions
Hydroacoustic Technology and Diver Interdiction Systems
Virtual Reality and Marine Simulation
Electrical and Fluid Interconnect Systems for Naval Applications
Naval Structure Analysis Software and Consultancy
Degaussing Systems and Electrical Equipment
Underwater Camera and CCTV Systems for Naval Applications
Naval Technology Reports from Strategic Defence Intelligence
Fast Patrol Boats, Minehunters, Military Boat Design and Construction
Data Compression and Replication Solutions for Challenging Environments
MIL-Approved Marine Rugged Monitors and Rugged Computers
High-Grade Messaging Software
Simulation, Calibrated Radar Instruments and Measurements for RCS Assessment
Electronic Systems for Naval and Airforce Applications
High-Speed Video Camera Footage for Naval Environments
Navigation, Imaging and Positioning Solutions for Maritime Applications
Electrical Machines and Equipment for the Naval Industry
Communication and Information Equipment for Naval Environment
Maritime Support and Multi-Mission Helicopters
Tether Navigation
Command Management Systems, RWS and UUV
Underwater Equipment, Detection and Navigation Sonars for Submarines and Surface Vessels
Ship Performance Analysers
Naval Communication Systems and S/TAR
Side Scan Sonars
Integrated Platform Management Systems
Trainers, Support Facilities and Simulation-Based Design
Power Solutions, Sensors and Robotics
Marine Handling & Lighting Solutions
Advanced Naval Countermeasures and Launching Systems
Interceptor Boats, Fast Patrol Vessels, Repairs and Shipyards
Helicopter Visual Landing Aid Systems (HVLAS), Submarine LED Lighting, and Special LED Lighting Solutions
Autonomous Marine Vehicle for National Security and Defense Applications
Naval Automation Equipment
Hydrodynamic Ship and Propeller Research, Simulation and Full-Scale Testing
Naval Consulting and Engineering Services
Versatile Boats for Professionals Worldwide
Foam-Filled Marine Fenders
Ultra-High Resolution Side-Scan Sonar
Broadband Sonar Transducers and Arrays
Rugged Portable Computers
supplies solid sheets for controlling CO2 in submarines, surface combatants and CBRN shelters
Naval RF and Fiber Optic Communication Systems and Equipment
Unbreakable Encryption Systems
Technical, Engineering and Scientific Services for Maritime Risk Management
Lifecycle Leasing for Search and Rescue and Patrol Boats
Innovative Defence Solutions
Independent Naval Warship Design Agency
SharePoint-Based Naval Collaboration Solutions
The Ship Motion Control Experts
Warship Integration, Security and Information Systems and Equipment
Naval Ship Design, Construction, Combat System Integration and Life Cycle Support
Engineering and Project Management in the Shipbuilding Domain
Electrical and Power Electronic Equipment
High-Performance Data Acquisition Systems for the Naval Industry
Radar Systems for Naval Training
Specialists in Military Diving Equipment
Air Conditioning, Ventilation, Fire Fighting, Refrigeration and Heating Equipment
Innovative Metal Surface Modifications
CFD Software for Naval Applications
The DNA of Shipbuilding
Sonar Range Prediction and Global Ocean Information Systems
Electronic Chart Systems for the Maritime Market
Defence, Aviation Technology and Security Solutions
Frequency Converters, Battery Chargers and Power Electronic Solutions for the Naval Industry
Custom-Designed Propellers and Ship Propulsion Systems for the Naval Industry
Fully Hardened UPS Systems, Rectifiers, Battery Chargers, Helicopter Starters and Power Supplies
Degaussing Systems, Magnetic and Acoustic Sweep System
Naval Centrifugal and Positive Displacement Pumps
Uninterruptible Power Supply Solutions
Test and Evaluation Services, Specialist Technical and System Integration Support
Extendable and Retractable Stabiliser Systems for the Maritime Sector
Navigation and Mission Systems for Naval Surface Ships and Submarines
Electronic Components and Sub-Systems for the Defence Sector
Naval Air and Surface Defence Systems
High-Speed Patrol Boats for Naval Applications
Fast Patrol Boats and Vessels
Integrated Communications Systems for Naval Platforms
Ship Design, Propulsion Systems and Support Solutions
Rotating Union and Electrical Slip Ring Manufacturer
Flexible Cable and Pipe Transits
Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, Underwater Acoustics and Systems Integration
Naval Design, Systems Integration, Project Management and In-Service Support
Integrated Communication Systems
Customised Marine Cables and Wires for Shipbuilding
Installation, Check-up and Assembly of Electric Motors and Machines for Passenger, Cargo and Military Ships
Sonars, On-Board Systems and Antisubmarine Warfare Missions
Water Treatment Systems for Naval Ships, Submarines and Bases
Valves, Automation and Operation Interface Solutions
Industrial Diving Equipment for Naval Applications
Communications Solutions Designed for Demanding Environments within the Maritime Industry
Digital Gyro Repeaters and On-Board Information Systems
Hydro Acoustic Systems and Training
Weapon Alignment Equipment and Target Tracking Evaluation Systems
Night Vision and Display Fiber Optics, Glass and Glass Ceramic Armour Materials and Hermetic Packaging
19in Enclosures for Electronics Packaging, Cabinets, Subracks and System Platforms
Communications and Network System Development for Marine and Military Purposes
Mini ROVS for the Underwater Demands of Military Applications
Underwater Electrical Connectors for the Defence Industry
Integrated Navigation Systems for High-Speed Vessels
Surface Drives and Propellers
Gyro Stabilizers for Stabilization of Naval Vessels
Modular, Lightweight USVs
Integrated Platform Management Systems
FORAN – CAD / CAM / CAE Design, Engineering and Production System for Shipbuilding
Deepwater Acoustics Solutions and Seismic Activity Monitoring for Marine Operations
Maritime Communication and Navigation Systems for the Naval Industry
Weight Estimation, Monitoring and Tracking Software for Military Vessels
Maritime Security and Safety Systems
Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBs) for Patrol and Rescue
High-Quality Electronic Components for Naval Applications
Heavy-Fuel Aircraft Engines for Naval Applications
Military GPS Navigation Systems and Receivers
Secure and Reliable Solid-State Drives for the Naval Industry
Work-Class ROVs and Subsea Remote Systems
Naval and Submarine Training Simulations
Naval Navigation Equipment and Marine Computers
Secure Communications Networks and IT Infrastructure for Navy Operations
Submarine Designs, Acoustic Signature, Ship Design and Vessel Testing
Advanced Radar Processing Systems
STEALTH AC Propulsion Technology for All-Electric Naval Ships
Microwave Wideband Antennas and Subsystems for Naval Applications
Submersible Boats / Diver Propulsion Vehicles for Military and Special Operations Forces
Magnetometers, Digital Magnetometers and Gradiometer Systems
Data for the Global Defence Industry
Connectors and Robotics for the Naval Sector
Remote Operating Vehicles (ROV) and Underwater Components
Advanced Maritime Technology
Littoral Fast Patrol and High-Speed Interceptor Vessels
Visual Simulation for the Naval Industry Training
Visual Simulation Software for the Defence Industry
Fast Patrol Boats and High-Speed Vessels
Electronic Controls for Naval Applications
Patented Headsets for Naval Applications
High Speed Coastal Interceptor Vessel
Marine Incinerators and Stripping Ejectors
Large-Scale Precision Fabricated and Machined Metal Products, Components and Systems
Naval Broadband, RF and EW Components and Sub Systems
Sonar Systems and Equipment
Oceanographic Research and Monitoring Instruments
Composite Marine Bearings
Maritime Craft for Demanding Missions
Anti-Air Warfare, Surface Warfare, Underwater Warfare and Maritime Warfare Systems
Naval Ship and Systems Engineering Solutions
Coaxial cables, connectors and assemblies
Partners in Defence Research and Development
Freight Forwarding Services for the Naval Industry
WECDIS Equipment and Marine Simulators for Naval Training
Anti-Corrosion Protective Cover Solutions
Dry-Type Transformers and Inductors
Polymer Solutions for Protection of Equipment and People
Rugged Military Servers for Shipborne Programmes and Applications
Acoustic Technology and Communications Systems for Naval Sectors
Video Signal Display, Streaming and Recording Products
Hydrographic and Oceanographic instrumentation
Complex Vessels for the Naval Industry
Rugged, High-Visibility Marine Displays
High Speed Patrol Boats and Fast Transport Boats in Aluminium
Combat-Effective Boat Davits and Handling Systems
Ruggedised Custom Power Supply Solutions
Anti-Vibration and Anti-Shock Mounts
Naval Loudspeakers, Headsets, Microphones and Emergency Handsets
Lightweight and Heavyweight Torpedoes, and Anti-Torpedo Countermeasure Systems
Sonar Systems, Echo Sounders and Underwater Communication Systems
Combat and Integrated Platform Management Hardware and Software