YALTES’s product and solutions portfolio for defence applications combines the company’s expertise and skills with the benefit of strategic partnerships all over the world and is specially tailored to satisfy customer needs in the following areas:

  • Naval combat management systems hardware and software
  • Combat system integration
  • Integrated platform management systems
  • Integrated bridge systems
  • Tactical data link systems
  • Integrated maritime / coastal surveillance systems
  • Network enabled capability

Operator consoles for naval platforms

YALTES’s console family is comprised of various types of operator consoles and ergonomic multi-function human interaction equipment designed for the distributed architecture of ship combat management systems. The consoles provide environmental protection for the COTS equipment housed within, as per the relevant military standards.

YALTES operator consoles provide:

  • Multiple data entry, display and control devices
  • Redundant data network and versatile video network interfaces
  • Extensive console monitoring and control functions
  • Powerful computing facilities for CMS applications
  • Rugged mechanical structure

YALTES can tailor the basic form consoles to suit GFE constraints, space limitations or additional capabilities. The consoles are designed and manufactured to meet severe environmental conditions (such as temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, drip proof, fungus, noise, acceleration, etc.) and EMI/EMC specifications as per respective MIL-STDs.

YALTES offers integrated bridge system solutions.
The machinery control room (MCR) console offers the operators an ergonomically designed work place.
YALTES's console family is comprised of various types of operator consoles and ergonomic multi-function human interaction equipment.
The subsystem interface unit cabinet (SIUC) is a rugged cabinet engineered to support subsystem integration.
Consoles are designed and manufactured to meet severe environmental conditions.

Subsystem interface unit cabinet (SIUC)

SIUC is a 19in rugged 25U cabinet engineered to support subsystem integration. It is a modular and flexible concept designed for marine applications. SIUC ensures that its payload (usually COTS equipment) is protected from the severe environmental conditions onboard.

SIUC, with its modular design, enables:

  • Protection against shock and vibration, due to its rugged mechanical structure
  • HMI functionality for monitoring and control
  • Environmental and EMI/EMC certification to MIL-STDs

SIUC is delivered with a modular connector plate to match the various system interface requirements as well as the obligations of MIL-STDs.

Combat management systems and integration

YALTES produces proven system solutions for naval platforms and land-based command centres. YALTES offers real-time integration solutions for all kinds of surface sensors / weapons and subsystems to existing or new designed / developed combat management systems.

Integrated maritime / coastal surveillance system

YALTES offers integrated maritime / coastal surveillance system solutions tailored to customer requirements. These solutions have the basic characteristics of command and control systems and sensor functionalities such as radar, EO system, RDF, AIS, GPS, ESM, sonar, etc. that can detect and process surface targets (also underwater and air targets when needed).

Integrated platform management and bridge system

YALTES offers integrated platform management system solutions that provide:

  • Alarm, control and monitoring
  • Propulsion control
  • Power management
  • Fire-fighting and damage control
  • CCTV (external and internal)
  • Fire detection system
  • Onboard training

YALTES can also offer integrated bridge system solutions with the following main functions:

  • ARPA radar
  • (W)ECDIS
  • Autopilot
  • Dynamic positioning
  • Conning
  • CCTV
  • Navigation sensors and indicators

Combat system data / video network

Combat system data network (CSDN) provides fast and reliable data communication within the combat system with its high QoS requirements and establishes a redundant communication medium without single point of failure. CSDN interconnects tactical and operator consoles and other CMS nodes, such as subsystem interface units, while HMI functionality provides network management and maintenance.

Combat system video network provides fast and reliable radar and TV video distribution within the combat system using COTS equipment. In addition to analogue or digital video distribution, CSVN also provides recording of tactical displays of consoles and replay of recorded data.