• July’s top news stories

    The UK Government is looking to form a European-led naval force to enhance protection to shipping assets passing through the Strait of Hormuz following tensions with Iran.

  • June’s top news stories

    Sikorsky received a $542m production contract from the US Navy to build six VH-92A presidential helicopters, and Babcock confirmed that it rejected a merger proposal from Serco Group. wraps...

  • Orca XLUUV: Boeing’s whale of an unmanned sub

    The US Navy has awarded Boeing contracts worth a total of $274.4m to produce five Orca Extra Large Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (XLUUVs). Based on Boeing’s Echo Voyager prototype UUV, the...

  • The top ten maritime patrol aircraft

    Maritime patrol / reconnaissance aircraft are crucial for nations with long coastlines. Modern patrol aircraft such as P-8A Poseidon with multirole capabilities are an asset to any naval force.

  • The world’s ten biggest destroyers

    Mammoth destroyer ships such as Zumwalt, Type 055, Atago and DDH-III outperform conventional destroyers in terms of size, armament and performance. lists some of the world's biggest destroyer ships...

  • The world’s top nuclear submarines

    Interest in nuclear submarines has once again stormed to the forefront as India’s first indigenously developed submarine completes its first deterrence patrol and the UK awards contracts for a new...


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