DeRegt Cables is a Netherlands-based company that provides a variety of custom-engineered products such as tactical sonar array cable systems, tow and umbilical cables for in-line combined influence systems and self-propelled variable depth sonar tethers, submarine cable systems for sensors and power distribution and subsea vehicle cables.

Naval defence cable systems

Navies around the world use DeRegt’s cables for their various active or passive sonar systems. DeRegt Marine Cables can supply complete, fully terminated, torque-balanced cable assemblies including underwater mateable connections.

DeRegt Marine Cables has built up the knowledge to combine several types of high-quality strength members in a single cable setup. This gets the maximum out of drag reduction and tow strength. The systems are designed for operations requiring swift deployment and extreme reliability. The combination of experience in application environments plus extensive project management makes DeRegt Marine Cables a dependable partner for major naval system suppliers.

DeRegt Marine Cables supply the following custom-engineered cable products to the naval defence sector:

Faired armoured tow cable with variable depth sonar system.
Tow cable termination close-up.
A senior termination engineer checking fibre optic connections.
Winch handling system.
3-D concept design of a termination.
  • Tactical sonar array cable systems
  • Tow and umbilical cables for in-line combined influence systems and self propelled variable Depth sonar tethers
  • Submarine cable systems for sensors and power distribution
  • Hybrid penetrator and cable assemblies
  • Deep tow and bottom laid cable systems
  • Dynamic subsea control, communications and services cables
  • Subsea vehicle cables

Variable depth sonar cables for submarines

DeRegt Marine Cables has seen great success in variable depth sonar. Submarines operate at different depths and to keep track of where they are, variable depth sonar cables are raised and lowered as they are towed.

DeRegt Marine Cables’s custom engineered cables are strong, sturdy yet small enough to enable efficient data and power transmission whilst surviving repeated duty cycles over long periods, and typically in very harsh conditions.

Tactical sonar applications for the defence industry

Tactical sonar applications demand a greater variety of quality datasets too. This involves gathering the data more effectively by widening the scope of the towed system and employing different techniques in order to vary the depth and range of signals to keep track with the target.

Advanced communications and power transmissions must also be integrated into the cable construction. Increased loading on vessel winch systems and dynamic factors affecting the overall integrity of the cable systems now become a critical consideration.

DeRegt Marine Cables have met this challenge, engineering new manufacturing techniques that reduce the overall diameter and improve the efficiency of the towed systems, through a combination of advanced materials, methodologies and hi-tec signal components.

Surface and subsea cable design capability

The company’s engineering design departments include all the disciplines required for the specification, design and draughting of cable systems for subsea and surface applications, as they boast in excess of 80 years’ combined experience.

Multi-skilled field service engineers

DeRegt Marine Cables’ crew of multi-skilled field service engineers is being expanded. This reflects the upward importance of short-time mobilisation. JDR’s service department comprises a versatile engineering team. They offer knowledge on all types of cable assemblies, in combination with the latest European offshore safety and survival training.

Quality assurance

DeRegt Marine Cables is committed to the principles and practice of quality assurance and has adopted management systems and procedures covering all aspects of manufacturing and design. The ability to manufacture finished products, in-house, from basic raw materials, combined with strict controls developed over many years, gives the company an unrivalled ability to satisfy its customers. DeRegt Marine Cables is fully approved to ISO 9001-2000 and AQAP 110.