Roxtec is the world-leading manufacturer of modular-based cable and pipe penetration seals for the naval industry. Roxtec solutions are used on all kinds of navy ships to ensure safety and long-term operational reliability. The system protects people and sensitive equipment. It also provides built-in spare capacity for upgrades, which is beneficial during the entire ship operation.

Cable and pipe-sealing technology

Roxtec was founded in Sweden in 1990 with the invention of Multidiameter™, a solution for adaptability to cables and pipes of different sizes based on sealing modules with removable layers. The technology simplifies design, speeds up installation work and minimizes the need for stock, materials and logistics. It allows routing of pre-terminated cables.

Modular mechanical sealing technology

Roxtec transits for cables, metal pipes and plastic pipes protect people and equipment on navy ships against risks caused by fire, water, gas, explosions and electro-magnetic interference.
Roxtec Multidiameter™ enables a perfect fit regardless of the cable or pipe dimension; logistics are simplified thanks to a drastic reduction of products, which generates less inventory.
Stress exposed bulkhead. Frame solutions with rounded corners to reduce stress in bulkheads around cable and pipe penetrations.
Communication area. RFI-shielded EMC and fire safe solution for sensitive equipment.
Pipe transits for decks and bulkheads. Pipe seals for fire protection of openings mainly for potable, grey, black and chilled water systems in different pipe materials.

The Roxtec system is a mechanical solution, available for many applications and for multiple or single pipe penetrations. With six basic modules, it is possible to seal cables and pipes from 4 to 99mm in diameter. The modules are inserted around cables or pipes in frames that are welded or bolted into the structure. The system is sealed with a separate or integrated compression unit.

Sealing of penetrating cables, metal pipes and plastic pipes

Roxtec seals are used for all types of cables and steel, copper or plastic pipes passing through decks, bulkheads and different sections from engine and control rooms up to the bridge, lighting and antennas. The seals are also used in cabinets and enclosures, and available in versions with Ex and EMC performance. Area efficiency and reduced overall transit weight allow more fuel and equipment.

Roxtec seals provide superior protection against risks caused by fire, smoke, gas, water, chemicals, dust, explosions, shock-waves, and electro-magnetic interference. The system is suited for hydraulic and pneumatic pipes; the Roxylon™ rubber absorbs vibrations, which contributes to silent operation of the vessel. The rubber also works as a barrier against thermal bridges. The system is designed to withstand very tough conditions and includes solutions for stress-exposed structures.

Certified sealing solutions

Roxtec products are certified by major classification societies such as Lloyd’s, ABS, and DNV. The sealing system is approved for use in A class and H class-rated sections according to IMO Resolution A.754 (18) and SOLAS. It is also approved according to different military standards and certified for use in hazardous and potentially explosive environments.

Main benefits of Roxtec

Fast deliveries and local support: Roxtec is present worldwide to ensure product availability and service; navy ships are often built or maintained outside the own territory.

Easy planning and design: Thanks to Multidiameter™ and the Roxtec Transit Manager Software, it is possible to make a complex design in a few minutes – with full cable control and transit detail overview. It improves project and cost management; less capital is tied up in inventory.

All in one solution and capacity for modifications: Multidiameter™ makes it possible to add extra capacity from the start; new or bigger cables and pipes can be added without any need for additional modules; the seal can be opened repeatedly without jeopardizing integrity. Using Roxtec as standard is the safe way to secure operation and keep down the total cost of ownership.

Roxtec worldwide

Roxtec serves customers in more than 70 markets through subsidiaries and distributors. Roxtec representatives co-operate with customers and help them find solutions for their specific needs. The extensive R&D resources of Roxtec, with a design department as well as fire and test labs, let the company continuously perform tests, develop products and improve solutions.

Contact Roxtec International regarding technical specifications, design assistance, transit planning software, product enquiries, deliveries and installation training.