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INDAL Naval Handling Systems

Curtiss-Wright's INDAL facility combines a high level of engineering and manufacturing capability with expertise in the management of large and complex defence programmes to produce specific solutions for the world's navies.


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Curtiss-Wright INDAL Technologies combines a high level of engineering and manufacturing capability with expertise in the management of large and complex defence programmes to produce specific solutions for the world’s navies.

Since 1951, INDAL has developed its engineering design and manufacturing capabilities and today is heavily involved in systems integration and testing. Products designed, manufactured and supported by INDAL meet the industry and customer standards in equipment specification, manufacturing practices, quality assurance procedures, program management and control systems.

Innovative handling solutions for the naval industry

With more than 50 years of experience, the company leads in the design and development of shipborne helicopter handling systems, undersea sensor handling systems and specialised on-deck structures.

The MANTIS ELP aircraft tug has four wheel-steer and four wheel-drive, offering optimal manoeuvrability. It uses the weight of the aircraft it is handling to provide the traction required and offers significant weight savings when compared to traditional ballasted deck tugs.
Curtiss-Wright supplies a Horizon Reference System (HRS) that extends shipborne helicopter operations during periods of reduced visibility, high sea states and at night. The HRS provides a steady reference with the horizon, while the ship rolls during heavy seas or manoeuvring.
Towed Reelable Active Passive Sonar (TRAPS) system is intended for the small surface ship and unmanned surface vehicle (USV) market. TRAPS is a low-cost, lightweight and high-performance antisubmarine warfare (ASW) system that is unique and new to the undersea warfare marketplace.
INDAL tie-downs sustain the loads required to secure a 15-tonne helicopter under severe sea state conditions and have been installed on the British Navy's aircraft carrier, Ark Royal.
TC-ASIST system provides full security after landing and through all on-deck operations, up to and including Sea State 6 conditions. The INDAL Rapid Securing Device (RSD) is fitted with a pair of claw arms designed to capture and secure the wheel spurs of the aircraft and track the helicopter position.

Customers benefit from the unique value in:

  • Enhanced safety for both personnel and equipment
  • Superior performance at a competitive price
  • Reliable, long-term support and services

All INDAL products are engineered to each customer’s specifications and standards and are backed by a comprehensive training, documentation and field support network. Extensive use of CAD, computer simulation, modelling and manufacturing resource planning aids in developing and producing high-quality, custom products efficiently and economically.

Aircraft handling systems

INDAL brings unmatched experience and expertise to ship / helicopter integration and the design and fielding of integrated shipboard helicopter handling systems.

INDAL systems and solutions are capable of supporting all critical phases of the shipboard helicopter handling evolution, including initial helicopter recovery support, on-deck securing, manoeuvring and traversing operations. They are the preferred choice for today’s sophisticated navies.

Curtiss-Wright’s innovative engineers, using stringent manufacturing and test practices, delivery systems that meet the most demanding requirements and provide superior value to customers.

To support main helicopter handling system products, Curtiss-Wright has developed sophisticated computer simulations to evaluate the on-deck performance of manned maritime helicopters and unmanned rotary UAVs for various ship platforms.

The integrated recovery assist, securing and traversing (RAST) and aircraft ship integrated securing and traversing (ASIST) helicopter handling systems are established as the systems of choice with many international navies. These fully integrated systems are unique in that they not only enable helicopter pilots to safely land and take-off from the decks of relatively small ships in severe weather conditions and at night, but also to securely traverse the helicopter into and out of the hangar.

Twin claw aircraft ship integrated securing and traversing (TC-ASIST) and manual aircraft securing and traversing (MAST), a newly developed system, provides many similar features to RAST and ASIST but secures the helicopter in a different way.

INDAL’s MANTIS, a specialised battery-powered aircraft handler, provides the capability to manoeuvre helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft within the tight confines of a flight deck or shipboard hangar space. The manoeuvrability and electric operation without emitting fumes make it suitable to use in land-based maintenance facilities. The MANTIS interfaces directly with the aircraft through a patented Matrix head without the requirement for additional tow bars or airframe modifications.

Aviation support equipment

INDAL provides a number of products to support aviation facilities onboard naval ships. These include horizon reference systems (HRS), deck tracks and tie-downs.

The Horizon Reference System (HRS) is used onboard all RAST and ASIST equipped ships, providing an invaluable aid to landing safety. HRS extends shipborne helicopter operations during periods of reduced visibility, high sea states and at night. The INDAL HRS provides a steady reference with the horizon, while the ship rolls during heavy seas or manoeuvring. The HRS provides a true horizon reference by driving the roll bar in the direction opposite to the ship’s roll.

INDAL’s Helicopter Tie-Downs use high-grade materials and welding techniques, which provides them with optimal corrosion resistance and increased security for shipboard helicopters. These characteristics combined with simple construction and ease of installation result in a cost-efficient solution for shipboard helicopter securing.

INDAL has broad experience in overcoming the challenges of operating helicopters and UAVs from small ships and provides design service and support to international navies. INDAL’s services range from engineering feasibility studies to providing complete turnkey ship aviation.

Undersea sensor handling systems

INDAL specialises in customised undersea sensor handling systems designed to operate safely in high sea states and at high speeds, meeting the specialised requirements for surface ship, submarine helicopter and unmanned vehicle host platform applications.

INDAL Undersea Sensor Handling Systems offers innovative, lightweight and automated solutions to meet the complex naval mission demands of undersea sensor handling and towing systems for anti-submarine warfare, mine and torpedo countermeasures and USV / AUV operations.

INDAL systems are comprised of hydro-dynamically stable, acoustically transparent towed bodies, a body launch and recovery mechanism, tow winch, hydraulic power unit and controls. They can be equipped with a Cable Tension Stabilizer (CTS) system and a passive motion compensation system for stabilising tow cable tension. Active motion compensating systems working in conjunction with a CTS system are also available.

Each system is customised to meet the diverse weight, space and operational challenges of individual vessel configurations.

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Products & services

  • Towed Array Handling Systems

    Curtiss-Wright's INDAL Towed Line Array Handling and stowage systems are in operation with the Canadian, UK, Dutch and Korean Navies.

  • Helicopter Securing and Traversing

    Having over forty years’ experience with equipment for shipboard aircraft operation, Curtiss-Wright's personnel are uniquely trained and experienced in designing and building system solutions for handling aircraft and UAVs on-board ships in the toughest possible environments.

  • Ship Aviation Support Systems

    Curtiss-Wright provides a number of products to support aviation facilities on-board naval ships, these include; Horizon Reference Systems (HRS), deck tracks and tie-downs.

  • Underwater Sensor Handling

    Curtiss-Wright designs and manufactures variable depth sonar handling systems, towed line array handling systems, towed bodies, sonar domes, Flexnose fairings and mine countermeasures for naval applications.

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