Curtiss-Wright’s INDAL Towed Line Array Handling and stowage systems are in operation with the Canadian, UK, Dutch and Korean Navies.

For Surface ships, the systems enable deployment and retrieval of the array at high speeds without impeding ship operations. Below-deck installation of the handling and stowage group winch systems provides an all-weather capability.

Curtiss-Wright produces towed line array winch mechanisms designed to deploy and retrieve the array at normal ship operating speeds.

Curtiss-Wright also designs and manufactures INDAL Towed Array Handling and Stowage Systems (TAHS) for submarines. The systems were first developed for the Royal Canadian Navy submarines.

A number of more advanced fully reelable TAHS have been designed, built, qualified and tested for the new generation Royal Navy ASTUTE Class Submarines and for other non-nuclear submarines. The fail-safe systems have redundant, automatic features and back-up controls to ensure submarine safety and manoeuvrability.