Teledyne RESON is a market leader in underwater acoustic sensors, state-of-the-art echo sounders, multi-beam sonar systems, transducers, hydrophones, and PDS2000 software. Teledyne RESON’s SeaBat® sonar systems have become solutions within defense and security applications.

The company is growing and expanding into new markets and application areas – and its fourth generation of sonar systems will provide unprecedented performance for naval and commercial systems in terms of accuracy, resolution, depth rating, and range. Teledyne RESON has its corporate headquarters in Denmark, with subsidiaries in USA, UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Singapore.


Teledyne RESON sonars excel in the following application areas:

  • Waterside security and force protection
  • Mine countermeasure (MCM)
  • Multibeam bathymetric and imaging
  • Seafloor mapping and inspection
  • Ship hull and port inspection

Teledyne RESON’s waterside security solutions are designed with realistic environmental conditions in mind. These include consistent wind, occasional high rainfall, surface reverberation, high ambient noise, poor propation, variable temperature differences that cause down-bending, and setting and scouring of bottom-mounted equipment.

The SeaBat 7112 sonar system is ideal for both fixed and mobile waterside security applications.
The SeaBat 7123 triple-frequency sonar is ideal for MCM applications.
The SeaBat 7123 is a high-resolution triple-frequency sonar suitable for both commercial and military applications.
The SeaBat 7112 can be affixed to a vessel to detect and prevent would-be saboteurs or intruders.
The SeaBat 7112 offers 360° coverage at 100 kHz and can detect intruders at ranges of up to 700 meters in favorable environmental conditions.

Teledyne RESON has developed several next-generation sonar systems that are ideal for incorporation into a waterside security solution and for mine countermeasure.


The SeaBat 7111 operates at 100kHz and illuminates a 150° or 210° horizontal sector. This system is an excellent low-cost solution for both fixed and mobile waterside security applications.

The SeaBat 7112 offers 360° coverage at 100kHz and can detect intruders at ranges of up to 700 meters in favorable environmental conditions. This system may be permanently mounted on the sea floor with an acoustic release for maintenance and recovery, or may be mounted on a pole or hoist affixed a vessel.


The SeaBat 7122 is a dual-frequency (100kHz or 400kHz) sonar that illuminates a 128° horizontal sector. The SeaBat 7122 is the most versatile member of Teledyne RESON’s waterside security sonar family. It can be used both as a stand-alone system and also to provide intruder interception and classification capability when used in conjunction with a stationary installation.


The SeaBat 7123 is an advanced, COTS-based, high-resolution triple frequency sonar-suitable for both commercial and military applications. Commercial uses include super high-resolution micro-bathymetry, offshore underwater inspections and detailed pipeline surveys as mandated by recently enacted environmental laws. This application requires a special bottom detection algorithm.

Military uses include MCM and waterside security applications, and require a special purpose beam former. The SeaBat 7123 is suitable for retrofit or upgrade of existing mine hunting platforms, and maximizes platform safety by increasing the stand-off range to more than 500m.


The SeaBat 7125 is a 400kHz multi-beam bathymetric sonar that has demonstrated great success as a hull and port inspection sonar. It can be mounted on a surface vessel, ROV or AUV for mobile operations and pier infrastructure surveys, or can easily be inverted and anchored to the sea floor for use as an upward-looking inspection sonar for the hulls of in- or outbound ships. When equipped with a broader beam projector the SeaBat 7125 can be used to detect and classify underwater intruders.


The SeaBat 7128 operates at 200kHz or 400 kHz and illuminates a 128° horizontal sector. This system can be used either as a standalone or in conjunction with a permanently installed system for which it would provide intruder interception capability. When equipped with a narrow beam projector the SeaBat 7128 can perform a route surveys & all other activities listed for the SeaBat 7125.