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Secure Communications Management Systems

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Esterline Palomar Products designs and manufactures highly reliable secure voice and data switching systems for military airborne, ground-based and shipboard applications. Palomar secure intercommunications systems provide crewmembers access to radios, cryptos and intercom voice channels. Palomar systems provide simultaneous multi-level secure communications and are TEMPEST qualified.

SA-2112 family of secure shipboard switches

The SA-2112(V)/STQ secure Voice Switch (SVS) system is designed to satisfy the US Navy’s requirement for an integrated secure/nonsecure system. The system is comprised of a central secure voice switch, the SA-2112(V)/STQ, and a number of remote control indicators (CINs), C-10276/SSC.

The modular SVS replaces dedicated plain and secure voice switches with a single automated switch providing remote use access, clear/cipher capability and multiple channel selection. The SVS and CINs are self-contained units developed for naval platforms and meet the requirements of MIL-E-16400 and secure communication criteria for inter-channel isolation.

Two basic configurations of the central switch are provided – a standard SA-2112(V)n/STQ, physically packaged in a six foot cabinet, and a small ships configuration, SA-2112(V)1/STQ, that is physically packaged in a smaller 32in cabinet.

Palomar secure communications systems are installed on many military shipboard, airborne and land based platforms throughout the world.
The SA-2112 secure voice switches are installed on most ships in the U.S. Navy that are frigates or larger.
The DCS-2100 Digital CMS is used as the ICS for P-8A and all Boeing 737 AEW&C aircraft.
The CCS-2100 is used as the ICS on many P-3s, AC-130 Gunships, VIP helicopters and numerous other platforms.

DCS-2100 communications management system (CMS)

The DCS-2100 is a state-of-the-art digital communications management system that is currently in production for P-8A and other airborne applications. When packaged in a shipboard compatible chassis, it can serve as a replacement to the SA-2112. The system is based on Palomar’s field-proven multi-level secure digital switching technology that provides a complete solution for systems demanding high quality, low latency secure digital voice/data switching. The system provides crewmembers with access to a large number of radio and intercom channels. It provides cross-band and in-band radio relay, generates aural warnings, provides modem and crypto switching and allows simultaneous operation at all security levels. The switching units have Gigabit Ethernet interfaces that can be used for recording, BIT status reporting and communications control from the mission computer. This Ethernet interface can also be used as an IP gateway for VoIP and data communications via the aircraft LANs.

CCS-2100 intercommunications system (ICS)

The CCS-2100 family of products provides a range of solutions for secure intercommunication applications. The extremely high channel-to-channel isolation allows multilevel security, private radio channels and private intercom channels. The integrated, microprocessor controlled, modular distribution system is designed for real-time adjustment of communication assets to meet the operational requirements of each mission.

The flexible, modular units allow designs from simple internal/external communication systems to full command and control systems that include crypto and data link assignments, clear/secure radio relay, clear/secure simulcast, unlimited conference networks and selective dial -up. In addition, systems can be integrated with a host computer via a MIL-STD-1553B or RS-422 network links.


23042 Arroyo Vista
Rancho Santa Margarita
CA 92688
United States of America

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