Aster S.p.A

Aster specialises in the provision of consultancy, systems engineering, design and supervision services. The company provides innovative technologies to governments, public authorities and industrial companies operating in the global maritime and naval technology sector.

Infrastructure and engineering services for the maritime sector

Aster supplies a wide range of solutions for the naval industry, including:

  • Feasibility studies, risk analysis and cost-benefit analysis, life extension studies of naval and maritime technological infrastructures
  • Technical advice and project management support during tender preparation, offer evaluation and contract negotiation stages
  • Supervision of warranty services performed by the general contractor

Aster also performs specialised services for vessel traffic services (VTS) / coastal system stations (CSS), port security and naval electronic systems, such as:

  • Specialised technical and project management consultancy services (owner engineering and works supervision)
  • Functional analysis and preliminary, final and executive design
  • Supervision of the installation, implementation, test and commissioning, software upgrade / migration

Maritime surveillance and security systems

Aster’s main services in the maritime and naval sector range from the study, design, specifications and support, to the implementation of various solutions, including:

The Algerian Ministry of Transportation awarded the contract for the work supervision and control of a VTMIS system programme to an Aster-led joint venture.
Aster supports the Italian Navy in the re-engineering of the message handling system for the lifecycle extension of offshore patrol vessels.
The company provides business processes modelling for the re-engineering of info-logistics systems of naval shipyards and fleets.
Aster delivers technical assistance for design and support to integration of Italian VTMIS.
The company has participated in the MARISS and DOLPHIN ESA and EU-funded initiatives for the definition and implementation of satellite surveillance services.
Aster supported Page Europa as the VTS delivery manager for the implementation of port security and VTS systems in Khalifa, UAE.
The firm performed software integration for the common operational picture (COP) section of Italian Navy's C2I web portal.
Terrapack-NG™ is an ideal solution for a web-based GIS component of the national maritime situational awareness node in Italy.
Aster is based in Rome, Italy, with regional offices in Manama, Bahrain, and Algiers, Algeria.
  • CSS, VTS and vessel traffic monitoring and information systems (VTMIS)
  • Maritime awareness and integrated maritime surveillance systems
  • Port security systems and ISPS code implementation
  • Naval electronic systems, including naval C4I, tactical communications systems, CMS, naval electronic warfare, naval radar systems

In addition, Aster provides innovative technologies and products in the maritime industry, such as the TERRAPACK-NG™ new-generation, web-oriented geographic information system (GIS), as well as the multi-common operational picture (MCOP) processing toolbox for integrated maritime picture compilation.

Web-oriented geographic information system for maritime surveillance

The Terrapack-NG™ is a new generation, web-based GIS that is optimised specifically for international maritime surveillance applications.

Its modular structure, standards compatibility and support of the most popular data exchange protocols enable the Terrapack-NG to adapt to any mission. The system also uses the multiplatform OPEN GL library to significantly improve the rendering of complex features in the operational scenario.

The Terrapack-NG is an ideal solution for defence applications where situational awareness is crucial, allowing fast and accurate access to tactical data, as well as added value information correlation on the area of interest.

The Terrapack-NG can be easily integrated into web portals and applications. The iPhone app allows user to access information, as well as upload field information to the system.

MCOP processing toolbox for maritime image compilation

Aster’s MCOP processing toolbox allows a shared, virtual common operational picture (COP) to be automatically compiled asynchronously, so that events, tracks and other key details not recognised in the standalone COPs can be detected, without inherent spatial and temporal misalignment of the processed information.

Specific versions are licensed for different vertical domains such as integrated maritime surveillance and critical infrastructures protection, and expert consultancy for MCOP integration is provided through analysis and modelling of operational requirements, as well as the characterisation of operational scenarios.

As an example, beta testing results have demonstrated the capability to correlate ship tracks in maritime COPs with up to six hours temporal misalignment, and correlation distance in excess of 30m after space-time realignment.

Available as C++ function or Java class, the MCP Toolbox can be easily embedded in any software development environment.

Naval systems engineering and lifecycle support

Aster supports national and international organisations, as well as industrial prime contractors, in the development and implementation of fully integrated state-of-the-art solutions for the maritime and naval sector.

The company’s products are compliant with various standards, including:

  • INCOSE Handbook and ISO/IEC 15288 standard for the implementation of Systems Engineering processes
  • International Maritime Organization (IMO) resolutions and International Association of Lighthouse Authorities (IALA) recommendations for the implementation of systems, sensors and infrastructures for VTS applications
  • Architectures development processes compliant with military and civilian architectural frameworks, including Nato Architecture Framework (NAF), Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DODAF), Military Demonstration, Analysis and Feedback (MDAF) and The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF)
  • Systems specifications according to military standards (MIL-STD-498, MIL-STD-810, MIL-STD-1629, MIL-STD-470, MIL-STD-2165, MIL-STD-882, MIL-STD-461, MIL-HDBK-217, MIL-HDBK-472)

Project management consulting for international programmes

Aster provides application-specific knowledge to experienced project managers for outsourced management, and supports the management teams of large international projects.

The company offers a number of services, including:

  • Expert project managers with decades of experience in turnkey design and construction of new airports
  • Technical direction and advisory for the verification of systems
  • Supervision of procurement processes, supplies factory and onsite testing, support to product insurance, validation and qualification system
  • Support to the monitoring of systems lifecycle and risk analysis management system (RAMS) analysis

Maritime training services

Aster provides a wide range of training capabilities, which include:

  • Technical training on the main components of a managed security system (MSS), including coastal radar, automatic identification system (AIS), radio communications, data fusion techniques, C4I systems, decision support algorithms and open platforms for data sharing
  • Specific training courses on applicable standards and procedures such as (IALA VTS, IMO ISPS Code), as well as methodologies for systems engineering and system-of-systems engineering, architectural frameworks development, project management, configuration management and system lifecycle management
  • Training seminars in CSS and general maritime awareness, as well as workshops and visits to similar project sites and stakeholders in Europe

About Aster

Aster operates in Europe, Middle East and in the Mediterranean as a fully independent organisation.

The company provides client personnel training and specialisation, as well as unbiased and impartial support to clients throughout maritime, port and naval system development projects, from the initial master plan to system management.