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Hydrographic and Oceanographic instrumentation

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Established in 1969, Valeport manufacture oceanographic and hydrographic instruments in the form of probes and sensor packages at its UK headquarters. Our COTS (commercial off the shelf technology) approach to military requirements ensures some of the very best sensor technology available to measure speed of sound, temperature, depth, conductivity, salinity and density on both surface vessels and submarines.

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Sound velocity sensors

Sonar, multi-beams, single beams, underwater positioning systems – they all use acoustic signals, and rely on accurate knowledge of the speed of sound for optimal performance.

Valeport’s miniSVS range offer pioneering digital time of flight technology with advanced material composites offer the best in sound velocity accuracy. Our unique digital signal processing technique virtually eliminates signal noise, and gives almost instantaneous response; the digital measurement is also entirely linear, giving predictable performance under all conditions. A wide range of 1375 – 1900 m/sec with an accuracy of +/-0.002 m/sec and resolution of 0.001 m/sec can be sampled at a rate up to 60Hz. Units are available in a variety of titanium and acetal housed options with OEM versions to customer configurations.

A titanium housed miniSVS sound velocity sensor with 25mm path length.
Raytheon Anschütz S2VTD_mod S 250 probe for submarine use.
Combined SV/CTD package where the sensor end cap can be made to suit mechanical fit requirements.
Multi-Parameter instrument measuring current speed, direction, depth, conductivity, temperature, salinity, density, sound velocity, turbidity and waves.

Submarine SV/CTD sensors and probes

Utilising our Midas SVX2 probe technology, we can offer bespoke sensor packages to meet your mechanical and measurement requirements. Data output strings and serial interface can be configured to suit. By combining the best in direct sound velocity measurement with CTD data and derived Salinity / Density parameters, information can be used to support tactical decisions via command / control and sonar systems by determination of acoustic shadow zones. Density measurements can be used for submarine trim control and seawater properties can be continuously monitored. Collaborations with Raytheon Anschütz GmbH in Kiel, Germany have seen the supply of over thirty four advanced sea water measurement systems for fitting into both Type 214 and Type 209 class submarines delivered to navies worldwide.

Specialised sensor packages / environmental suites

The Midas 400 electronic architecture allows easy interface of multiple sensors into bespoke underwater housings. Our multi-parameter instruments can be supplied with almost any combination of additional sensors. We offer a variety of our own sensors and those from other well known manufacturers. All data is presented in fully calibrated format using the operator’s choice of engineering units.

All sensors are sampled simultaneously, not in sequence. This helps to create better, more consistent profile data. Intelligent sampling scenarios are possible, where data will only be collected if the output from any chosen sensor falls within set levels.

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