General Dynamics Electric Boat, a subsidiary of General Dynamics Corp, is the prime contractor and lead shipyard for all US Navy nuclear-powered submarine programs.

The company is responsible for all aspects of design and engineering, and constructs the Virginia-class attack submarines and the Columbia-class ballistic-missile submarines.

Electric Boat provides submarine maintenance and modernization services in various places across the US.

Its nuclear submarines include SSN571 Nautilus, SSN575 Seawolf, SSN578 Skate, SSN579 Swordfish, SSN583 Sargo, SSN584 Seadragon, SSN585 Skipjack, SSN588 Scamp, SSN589 Scorpion, SSN590 Sculpin, SSN591 Shark, SSN592 Snook, SSN586 Triton, SSGN587 Halibut, SSN593 Thresher, SSN595 Plunger, SSN612 Guardfish, SSN614 Greenling, and SSN597 Tullibee.