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Test and Evaluation Services, Specialist Technical and System Integration Support

QinetiQ Maritime provides leading-edge technical advice, design, integration, test and evaluation services throughout the naval platform, systems and equipment lifecycle to support force capability assurance to fleets around the world.

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QinetiQ Maritime provides leading-edge technical advice, design, integration, test and evaluation services throughout the naval platform, systems and equipment lifecycle to support force capability assurance to fleets around the world.

QinetiQ’s naval capabilities, experience and facilities enable our customers to make authoritative evidence-based decisions to ensure safety, capability and value for money during procurement, acceptance and operations.

The company, with its headquarters near Portsmouth, UK, has 500 specialists in the design, integration and operation of systems and equipment in surface ships and submarines.

Naval architecture and marine engineering services

QinetiQ provides ship and submarine concept design, supported by our commercially available Paramarine™ software. We help our clients to select cost-effective designs by performing rapid cost-capability trade-off analyses. Our SURVIVE software also delivers susceptibility and vulnerability assessment of naval systems in a multitude of threat, weapon and damage scenarios.

A QinetiQ combat systems engineer evaluates radar tactical picture quality in QinetiQ’s ship integration facility (SIF) within the land based test site (LBTS) at Portsdown Technology Park near Portsmouth, UK.
QinetiQ’s ocean basin facility is the largest hydrodynamic testing tank in Europe and provides QinetiQ’s engineers with the ability to evaluate the performance of ship and submarine scale experimental models.
QinetiQ’s hyperbaric trials unit (HTU) is certified to test equipment at depths up to 1,500m, and is used to assess the performance of submarine escape and diving systems and components.
QinetiQ uses CFD modelling to support the design optimisation of propellers and control surfaces in ships and submarines alongside other software design tools such as Paramarine™.
QinetiQ’s survivability specialists use the SURVIVE™ software to improve the system design and equipment layout in warships, thereby reducing vulnerability to weapons and improving the ability to recover from damage.

QinetiQ’s naval architecture and marine engineering services harness an in-depth analysis and simulation capability underpinned by decades of experimental testing and validation. We provide technical advice, test and evaluation in areas including structural strength, fatigue, shock, noise and vibration, stealth materials, hull form resistance, sea keeping, manoeuvrability, propeller design, cavitation, submarine escape and rescue (SMERAS), submarine atmospheres, diving and hyperbaric medicine. QinetiQ’s large-scale experimental facilities, such as the ocean basin, ship tank and hyperbaric trials unit, have benefited many customers around the world.

Naval C4I services

QinetiQ specialises in specifying combat systems, control, computing communications and information (C4I) requirements to support our customers’ need to procure and operate fit-for-purpose systems to establish a comprehensive tactical picture. We provide our clients with system architectural design, integration, test and evaluation services, and support ships and submarines through their lifecycle with capability upgrades and technology insertion as required.

Operating a land-based test site on behalf of the UK Royal Navy, QinetiQ’s ship integration facility and communications reference facility provides a valuable resource for its customer. With deep expertise in situational awareness, radar, sensor integration, data and plot fusion and track extraction, QinetiQ’s project teams provide an unparalleled resource for our customers.

QinetiQ’s naval C4I services include radar and electro optical (EO) sensor performance modelling and optimisation, tracking systems, stimulators and simulators, real-time tactical picture products, information management and assurance, secure end-to-end communications networks and communications system engineering.

Naval signature management services

QinetiQ delivers a comprehensive warship and submarine signature management and treatment service to meet vessel and flotilla stealth requirement from concept design through to in-service operation. By drawing on deep specialist domain knowledge and experience we provide a holistic picture of a vessel’s signature, including radiated acoustic noise, magnetic, radar cross-section (RCS) and electronic warfare (EW) calibration.

QinetiQ provides instrumented range services which enable our clients to evaluate sonobuoy, towed array, weapon, decoy and multi-vessel performance in a safe and secure environment. Our experienced teams also deliver in-situ naval signature management services using our transportable range facilities.

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Haslar Marine Technology Park, Building 58
Haslar Road, Gosport
P012 2AG
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