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Maritime Security and Safety Systems

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SIGNALIS relies on the resources of 200+ people, specialised in maritime surveillance at locations in France, Germany and around the world:

  • Running 15 to 20 maritime / air / land surveillance projects in parallel
  • 85% international business
  • 200 plus maritime surveillance specialists
  • More than 210 VTS and CSS Systems in service
  • References in over 50 countries

Industry leader in maritime security and safety systems with VTS and CSS solutions

SIGNALIS’ business fields concentrate on harbour security, port management, maritime and land border surveillance systems as well as other related radar processing applications, by integrating the latest sensor systems, communications and data processing technologies. SIGNALIS uses its experience and expertise to provide the latest technology in its vessel traffic services (VTS) systems, coastal surveillance systems (CSS) and critical infrastructure monitoring solutions.

Modular solutions for the maritime industry

SIGNALIS’ solutions are based on a modular system architecture allowing for an easy adaptation to meet the demands of individual customer profiles, even under the most adverse weather conditions.

Built on 25-years of global contract delivery, SIGNALIS is capable of serving not only technical needs, but can also cooperate with customers when financial engineering is at stake. Embedded in the network of its strong shareholders, SIGNALIS offers a variety of flexible solutions from straight delivery contracts to fully fledged build, own and operate services.

One of the many references, SIGNALIS VTS port of Hamburg.
SIGNALIS supports to protect your valuable infrastructure assets in potentially dangerous or difficult to protect areas.
SIGNALIS solutions are based on a modular System architecture allowing for an easy adaptation to meet the demands of individual customer profiles.
Signalis is responsible for the Travemunde control centre on the German coast.
Signalis integrates all available sensors in order to meet the requirements.
Signalis solutions protect critical assets and infrastructures.
Signalis VTS solutions are designed to enhance harbour and naval base safety and security.

SIGNALIS not only provides IALA-compliant information (INS), navigational assistance (NAS) and traffic organisation (TOS) services, but also delivers a much wider scope of systems, services and products within the surveillance field.

Vessel traffic service software and hardware systems

SIGNALIS’ technical developments provide the technology to meet the challenges faced by port authorities in security efficiency and environmental protection. At the core of our VTS systems is our unique software and hardware components that have been developed and perfected to manage sensor networks. The system also correlates its various inputs to a track fusion.

This provides operators with the platform to overview, monitor and interact with critical maritime situations, and provide the means to quickly communicate to all relevant authorities. SIGNALIS systems have been installed in more than 200 locations throughout the world.

Real-time information management solutions

Authorities are being challenged to maximise the efficiency of shore facilities, harbour areas and waterway approaches while protecting the environment. This means ensuring the safe but efficient movement of vessels in all conditions. Our information management solutions provide the operator with real-time operational pictures to assist in responding to critical situations and management of resources.

  • Traffic planning and route management
  • Automatic communication with resources
  • Interfaces to all key information

Because no two authorities are the same, our software can be configured to meet individual requirements.

Coastal surveillance systems (CSS)

Many countries have genuine concerns for the safety of their borders and for the protection of shore-based resources. Illegal smuggling of contraband as well as human trafficking is a very real concern.

Our coastal surveillance technology is built upon the fundamental structure of VTS software and adds the capability to detect, track and identify even the smallest targets. Key features contribute to our success in this field, including:

  • Multiple parallel tracking function to detect and track vessels
  • Structured design for multiple control centres with multiple layers of authority
  • Integrated sea and air activity
  • Maritime domain coupled with land domain for overall control

Many governments have selected our technologies to protect their borders.

Surveillance technology for harbour security

With world threat levels increasing, authorities recognise a need to deploy technologies to monitor, detect and enable protective measures for port sites.

Our surveillance technology includes a number of specialised features for detecting, tracking and identifying suspected threats and communicating information to the responsible authorities.

Critical infrastructure and site surveillance for indentifying and tracking suspected threats

It is often necessary to locate valuable infrastructure assets in potentially dangerous or difficult-to-protect areas. These sites might include nuclear plants, oil and other energy platforms and rig terminals, and military sites.

Our surveillance technology includes a number of specialised features for detecting, tracking and identifying suspected threats, and communicating information to the responsible authorities. Such a system is organised around a network of sensors which typically include radar (sea and land), AIS, and various types of optronics, frequency agile radio direction finders, and sometimes sonar detectors. Voice communications channels and ancillary data are also communicated on this network.

To minimise intrinsic operational risks and address concerns about potential conflicts of interest between oil and gas production, nature conservation programmes and/or the management of exploitable fish stocks, our technical solutions for oil and gas sites provide companies the means to safely conduct their operations.

Features include:

  • Combined operational picture
  • Automatic detection and tracking of vessels within offshore areas or within their immediate vicinity
  • Automatic monitoring and restriction or guard zones, within certain behavioural patterns or other geo-referenced frameworks
  • Monitoring docking and loading operations at offshore structures
  • Maintaining a 24/7 picture of who is where and doing what, is key to any safe operation offshore
  • Reliable reporting of vessels

SIGNALIS solutions help to minimize offshore safety and security risks by providing a comprehensive real-time operational picture based on multiple sensor information from several sources as e.g. Radar, AIS, optical sensors, VHF and/or meteorological sensors.

History of SIGNALIS

SIGNALIS is the result of a merger between two very well-known companies; SOFRELOG S.A.S. which began in the 1980’s when it introduced its unique real-time processing technology using standard computer hardware and ATLAS Maritime Security GmbH until recently part of the well-known ATLAS ELEKTRONIK supplying maritime surveillance technologies since the early 1980’s. Both companies have been industry leaders for nearly 3 decades and are now joined together.

SIGNALIS is part of the Cassidian (EADS), ATLAS ELEKTRONIK family with the resources to participate in even the largest business opportunities.


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    SIGNALIS is a leading specialist on marine traffic control and coordination, harbour security, port management, maritime and land border surveillance systems, as well as other related radar processing applications.

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