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Fast Patrol Boats and High-Speed Vessels

Swede Ship specialises in building fast patrol, rescue and pilot boats in aluminium and composite materials for naval and coastal security applications.

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Swede Ship specialises in building fast patrol, rescue and pilot boats in aluminium and composite materials for naval and coastal security applications.

Customised in-house design

A wide range of vessels are provided with the flexibility to meet customer’s technical and operational requirements.

Ships up to 50 metres long are developed in close co-operation with end-users and designs are adapted to their preferences by our own engineers. All major activities in the group are in-house, including design, hull production, carpenters for the interior, piping and machinery and a strong own electrical team.

The 27m Fast Missile Vessel for UAE Navy.
Fast patrol boat with speed in excess of 35 knots.
26m naval training vessel delivered to the navy in UAE.
Search and rescue (SAR) vessel built in aluminum for the Norwegian Search and Rescue Organisation. This is one of the smallest vessels ever built and classed according to DNV. Also available in Patrol version.
Specially developed Hydrographic Survey Vessel for accurate sea chart measurements at high ship speed.

Fast patrol boats

Many different types of military boats between 22 and 27 metres built by Swede Ship are found with the Swedish and UAE Navies.

Naval training and Fast Supply vessels as well as Patrol and Troop transport boats have been built for the Swedish Navy. Swede Ship has been awarded a programme for life time extension of the 22 metre patrol boat.

In the United Arab Emirates 26 boats have been built and later converted in close co-operation with a local shipyard. Swede Ship is responsible for the design and production of the first vessels in each series.

The following ships in a series are built locally based on kits and the assistance of Swede Ship. Troop transport, Mortar and Gun boats as well as Missile and Support vessels have been built and delivered to UAE Navy.

Fast search and rescue boats

Cooperation with Swedish and Norwegian search and rescue organisations has provided the basis for the development of optimised and safe designs meeting the highest international standards for fast rescue boats.

Several different types are available both in aluminium and composite materials from 8 to 24 meters length.

Fast pilot boats and more

Swede Ship Marine has developed and built a number of specialised pilot boats for both the Swedish and Norwegian national administrations of shipping. These include both lightweight high-speed craft, exceeding 35 knots as well as heavy-duty ice breaking pilot boats.

Swede Ship Marine also has the knowledge and capacity for construction and manufacturing other types of vessels, such as boats specialised hydrographic survey, offshore wind farm service vessels, ferries and passenger boats of various types and sizes.

Three yards

The group comprises three different specialised shipyards all located on the west coast of Sweden; Swede Ship Marine in Djupvik, Composite in Hunnebostrand and Yachtservice in Gothenburg.

The yard in Djupvik concentrates on aluminium and steel production, the yard in Hunnebostrand focuses on composite materials only while Yachtservice in Gothenburg is a dedicated service and repair yard.

This group has a long tradition in shipbuilding and the yard in Djupvik has more than 100 years of history.

Deliveries to the coast Guard and the Navy started back in 1937, welding in aluminium in 1950’s and production in composite materials in 1979. Swede Ship is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.


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