AfterGlow LLC provides a comprehensive range of non-electrical, non-radioactive, glow-in-the-dark photoluminescent (PL) and retro-reflective (RR) coatings and materials used in a number of naval applications.

The company’s products are deployed on ships and submarines, small boats, rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, safety equipment, as well as marine combat vehicles.

Non-electrical egress marking solutions for naval operations

AfterGlow’s products include fail-safe egress marking systems and signage, which provide low-level lighting without requiring electricity, batteries, LEDs, or radioactive materials.

PL and RR products are a low-cost, low-maintenance solution for any naval platform. Our PL products have been demonstrated to have no effect on the use of night-vision goggles, which is especially important for aviation, as well as search-and-rescue operations.

AfterGlow’s photoluminescent (PL) safety paint is used on propeller blade tips.
AfterGlow’s PL safety paint is deployed on law enforcement helicopters’ rotor and tail blade tips, which are visible as green rings.
AfterGlow’s safety paint is used in many applications, including small aircraft propeller blades.
AfterGlow was contracted to reduce propeller strike incidents on-board the US Navy’s aircraft carriers.
AfterGlow luminous paint is used in many naval applications, including safety equipment and small boats.
AfterGlow provides industry-leading paint products, which ensure extra safety in naval, aircraft, and marine combat applications.
Safety paint produced by AfterGlow is used in many areas of ships and boats, including lighting fixtures, handrails, and movable equipment.

Custom and multi-lingual products are also available, while AfterGlow brand PL shipboard safety products are offered on the AfterGlowDirect website.

Safety paint for ships, submarines and boats

AfterGlow’s PL materials were first used in October 2000 to assist the US Navy in post-casualty assessments of failing resources installed on the USS COLE.

Our PL and RR products have been installed on a number of US Navy and Coast Guard ships since early 2001. They are used in damage control scenarios, while they are also applied to movable equipment, lighting fixtures, non-skid stair treads, and handrails.

Our products have also been used successfully in dry-dock, underwater, and aircraft operations.

Emergency photoluminescent lighting tools for tactical vehicles

In 2008, AfterGlow’s Photoluminescent Emergency Egress LightingTM Kits were developed to aid operators in escaping from mine-resistant ambush protected (MRAP) vehicles in low-light conditions during improvised explosive device (IED) attacks and other incidents.

Our kits are used inside the troop compartment and driver / passenger sections of MRAP vehicles, while use has expanded to other vehicle types.

The equipment provides simple, fail-safe emergency markings, identifying the locations of door latches / openings, grab bars, emergency equipment, and other operator-defined uses.

Our products are easy-to-install, highly reliable, and cost-effective. They are directly available from our website, and also to authorised government buyers through the US Defense Logistics Agency under various NSNs.

Luminous paint for rotary and fixed wing aircraft safety

Ground and flight operators are hit each year by propeller blades with tragic consequences. In 2002, our team was contracted by the US Navy to address the problem of propeller strike mishaps on-board its aircraft carriers.

In 2008, our patented PL safety paint was certified for use on the navy’s E-2C carrier aircraft and is applied to the tips of aircraft propeller blades, as well as other rotating objects. The PL paint allows personnel to avoid injury or death from being struck by them in low-light situations.

The product maximises visibility, material adhesion, durability, wear-resistance, and ease of installation without compromising propeller aerodynamic performance, aircrew visibility when using night-vision devices (NVDs), or aircraft detection.

Use has expanded to include rotary-wing aircraft, domestic and international propeller manufacturers, in addition to several military services outside the US.

Under an exclusive agreement, Sherwin Williams manufactures our aerospace-grade PL paint, which is available directly from AfterGlow under part number HPP001SGNK-A, and to authorised buyers under NSN 8010-01-558-3002.

Other aviation-related PL applications include illuminated checklists, cockpit and access markings, wheel chocks, tie-down marking devices, and moveable equipment.

About AfterGlow LLC

AfterGlow is dedicated to developing leading-edge technologies and innovative solutions, addressing worldwide challenges by overcoming the limitations of legacy systems.

Since the terrorist attacks on the USS COLE and those on 11 September 2001, AfterGlow has been an industry leader in all areas of high-performance PL technology, including research, specifications development, and manufacturing.

Our standard and custom products have received numerous awards in the US for outstanding technical innovation and performance.