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Powerstar UPS Inc (CAGE 0zap8) manufactures rugged militarised uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) for shipboard, military and homeland defence. They supply Lockheed, General Dynamics, Electric Boat, BAE and many others with shipboard UPS from .5 to 20KVA.

Powerstar UPS is a US firm and has been manufacturing UPS since 1993 with equipment on ships from US, Denmark, Australia, Canada, Norway, & Taiwan.

High-quality motherboards for shipboard use

Powerstar UPS uses only the latest high-quality motherboards from either APC™ or Liebert™; two of the largest, most recognised manufacturers of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) UPS systems in the world.

The low-cost PS502-750 shipboard power strip / surge suppressor / UPS has unique power saving features. Click catalogue link for details.
Ninety-eight per cent efficient, the PS6000rm series (1kVA to 3kVA) line interactive Marine UPS switches to backup power in <1/2 Hz (8ms). True-sine output. 2-Line text metering display shows current operating conditions / alarms for easy troubleshooting. Click catalogue link for details.
The PS1504SS military grade 1.5kVA shipboard UPS is available for rugged shock, vibration and extreme temperature environments. A hull mounting foundation is available. Click catalogue link for details.
The PS2201SS Military grade 2.2KVA 1980W UPS has three battery pack options for extreme temperature and pressure conditions. A hull mount and MIL-461 shielding / filtering is available. Click catalogue link for details.
The transformer isolated 1.5KVA PS6000iso series is only 20” deep. It has a protected area for the power connectors. Mil-S-901D/A tested. Now with new 2line text metering panel. Click catalogue link for details.
PS3300LCS 3KVA toroid isolated 2.7KW true sine double conversion fully ruggedised UPS as used on the new LCS ships. They have 3u x24”Deep cabinet in stainless steel, inrush suppressor. EMI shielded front control panel, dual exhaust fans and one intake fan. Click catalogue link for details.
Powerstar UPS battery include standard 5-year life cells, premium 10-year life cells with -20 °C to 50+°C extended range and eXtreme 12+ year life with -40°C to 60°C range and 2-year shelf storage without recharge. Operates to _4atm. For floor mount and select models only. Click catalogue link for details.

The company converts these units for shipboard use, ruggedises them to military grade, and customises them to fit the needs of its customer.

Low-cost shipboard UPS

Powerstar offers small inexpensive 330W-425W brick-shaped UPS (PS502 line) in either 120V or 230V.

These units can be used for a PC, printer or any low-power requirement.

The units are efficient and weigh less than 7kg. They are available with ten-year battery pack and are NSN registered.

The PS502 series connects via USB to inform the PC of UPS alarms and alerts to when to begin graceful shutdown upon loss of ACMAINS.

UPS for shock- isolated equipment racks

The majority of Powerstar’s PS3000 and PS6000 lines can be ruggedised to meet MIL-810F or G, or MIL-S-901D grade B. These all use the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) chassis. The products have 1U, 2U rack mount heights and 750VA- 3KVA capacity. On military ships, these can often be used in MILSPEC shock absorbing isolated equipment racks. There are also 230V models available. These units can have MS threaded locking style connectors added as well.

Rugged stainless steel hull mounts

Powerstar has a well-established line of rugged mini-tower shaped models that are hull mounted:

  • PS1504SS 1.5KVA 984W output, 8.6in tall x 17.6in deep MIL-S-901D/A All Stainless cabinet
  • PS2201SS 2KVA 1980W output 17in tall x 22in contains double the battery capacity of the PS1504. MIL-S-901D/A and MIL-std-461 The all stainless cabinet is popular on the MCM class due to its non-magnetic cabinet.

This hull mount series is offered with bolt-down / weld-down steel mounting platforms for secure bolt-down mounting, but easy removal.

The firm offers five-year, ten-year, and 12-year extremely rugged battery packs for these models. Many UPS are NSN registered. These units use the company’s 304-grade gleaming stainless-steel chassis to meet the MIL-S-901D tests.
Powerstar’s mounting platforms have a steel base that can be bolted or welded to the deck and bolt-down steel straps surrounding the supply. To reduce costs, the firm can also offer these units with their OEM cabinets if it not required to meet the high shock tests.

The PS2201r3 offers electromagnetic interference (EMI) gasketing, shielding and filtering for MIL-std-461. These all use the APC brand electronics.

Military grade rack mount Transformer Isolated units

PS6000r2isoA is Powerstar’s most popular model. It has 1.5KVA 984W output with attached isolation transformer and is tested to MIL-S-901D/A. The model is 20in deep and three-rack units tall. Military outputs or NEMA connectors are options.

The connector area is protected as it is next to the 5in protrusion containing the isolation transformer.

The 120G rated input circuit breaker is front-mounted and finger guard-protected. PS6000r2isoAh adds in the ten-year life battery pack.

Options are also available for Dry Contact signaling PS9613 card, PS9630 Ethernet card or PS9620 Legacy card (simulates an SUA style DB9 simple signaling port).

PS3300LCS is a MIL-S-901D Grade A tested unit. The 3KVA /2700W isolated UPS is a true online double conversion style UPS. Powerstar uses a 3u x 24in d stainless-steel cabinet that also houses the toroid isolation transformer. It produces very clean and regulated output power and uses Liebert brand electronics. This unit is equipped with an Inrush surge suppressor.

The PS3300LCS can be used with the PS9059 Ethernet network card to command many computers for graceful shutdown procedure when the battery pack is depleted. The firm also has many add-on 2u x 24in d battery pack options. This UPS was built for the Littoral Combat Ships but is now used on many ships in the US, UK, Australia and Canada for defence. The UPS has EMI shields, screens and EMI gasketing if needed.

See a quick listing of the firm’s most popular units with the catalogue link at the bottom of this page.

Powerstar stainless chassis are built in gleaming 304 grade stainless-steel with fully welded seams for rust-resistance and anti-magnetic properties and strength.

Customised UPS units for confined spaces

Powerstar offers UPS units with unusual shape layouts for restricted spaces such as submarine bays.

The PS6003 2+2 unit is an 18in (457mm) deep, two-piece design with the 2u battery tray separated from a 2u electronics tray, with a 2,700W capacity. PS6002 2+2 1800W is also available.

The 19in-deep PS6003rm4uXL is a 2.7kW unit with a one-piece design with 4u of rack space. PS6002rm4uXL 1.8KW is additionally available.

PS6000r2-1Ah is a 15in-deep, 3u-tall 984W 1.5kVA UPS in MIL-S-901D/A build-stainless cabinet and ten-year battery pack.

Extended battery life upgrades

Powerstar offers three ranges of battery packs for its UPS:

  • Standard Cell battery packs offer 5-year service life with an operating range of 0° to 40°C
  • Premium Cells with an extended temperature range -20°C to 50°C. (-h series), which offers from an 8-10 year service life
  • The eXtreme series is available for floor-mounted models. Designed for severe shock and vibration-resistance, it can handle 4atm pressure. Extreme series are rated for -40°C to 60°C with a 12-year life @ 25°C, as well as a 2 year shelf life without refresh charge

Powerstar UPS Customers

Powerstar UPS are used onboard naval ships operated by Australia, Canada, Columbia, Denmark, India, Taiwan, UK, and the USA.

The company’s products are used in the US for Homeland Security, Gigabit Ethernet Data Multiplex Systems (GEDMS), Fibre Optic Data Multiplexing Systems (FODMS), Aviation Data Management and Control Systems (ADMACS), Cooperative OUTBOARD Logistics Update (COBLU) and solid-state drives (SSDS) and the SPS-73 radar.

They are also utilised in the US for Global Broadcast Systems (GBS), Navy Expeditionary Combat Command (NECC), Joint Tactical Information Distribution Systems (JTIDS), Automated Digital Network Systems (ADNS), shipboard satellite links, White House Communications, command control and communications intelligence (C4I), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air traffic controls, Blade servers and Smart Ship Offshore Ship Designers (OSD).