L-3 MAPPS is a leading global supplier of integrated marine control systems and simulation products for warships, submarines and high-end ocean-going commercial vessels worldwide. The business has been a pioneer in the integration of military shipboard control systems as well as simulation products, and its systems are installed on approximately 140 ships for 18 navies around the world. Its systems are also installed in over 450 commercial vessels, including the new Queen Mary 2 luxury liner.

Integrated platform management systems

Why do the US Navy, German Navy, UK Royal Navy, French Navy and other premiere navies of the world choose L-3 MAPPS’s Integrated Platform Management Systems?

L-3 MAPPS’s pioneering integrated platform management system (IPMS) uses advanced computer-based technology to control and monitor platform machinery and systems on-board warships. It comprises sensors, actuators, remote terminal units and real-time data processing for information display and control operations from multifunction consoles.

L-3 MAPPS’s open architecture IPMS significantly reduces a navy’s life cycle costs through reduced manning requirements and a reduced logistics burden. It also provides the highest levels of ship survivability and operational readiness.

L-3 MAPPS's Integrated Platform Management System uses advanced technology to control and monitor platform machinery and systems in warships.
The L-3 MAPPS Standard Marine Console has been designed to meet today's needs for a compact, open architecture, human-machine interface workstation.
Typical Console Screen Graphic. Intuitive design of screen graphics makes for easy operation.
Sample Battle Damage Control System Screen.

The modular design of L-3 MAPPS’s IPMS with widely-distributed intelligent electronics, interconnected by multiple data buses, enables marine engineers to control and monitor all platform machinery and distribution plus emergency operation systems, from several shipboard locations. This provides total ship survivability through layered redundancy.

Integrated platform management system projects

L-3 MAPPS’s IPMS and Navigation/IBS have accumulated more than 7 million hours of operational experience, and have been delivered to / selected for over 150 warships with 18 of the world’s navies. Following are some of L-3 MAPPS’s more significant projects:

  • German Navy F-124 Frigate
  • German Navy K130 Corvette
  • Canadian Navy City Class Frigate
  • Canadian Navy City Class Frigate IPMS upgrade
  • Canadian Navy Tribal Class Destroyer (retrofit)
  • UK Royal Navy ASTUTE Class Submarine
  • UK Royal Navy LPD(R) Landing Platform Dock
  • UK Royal Navy CVF Aircraft Carrier
  • US Navy CG-48 Cruiser (Smart Ship) (retrofit)
  • US Navy LHD-7 Fuel Fill Control System
  • US Navy LPD-17 Landing Platform Dock
  • US Navy Osprey Class Minehunter
  • US Navy DDG-61/62 Destroyer
  • US Navy CVN-77 Aircraft Carrier
  • US Navy Littoral Combat Ship
  • US Navy DDG-1000
  • Litton-Ingalls SA’AR5 Corvette
  • Royal Netherlands Navy LCF Frigate
  • Royal Brunei Navy OPV
  • Republic of Korea Navy KDX-II Destroyers
  • Republic of Korea Navy KDX-III Destroyers
  • Republic of Korea Navy FFX Frigates
  • Republic of Korea Navy LPX
  • Republic of Korea Navy Minelayer
  • Republic of Korea Mine Sweeper / Hunters
  • United Arab Emirates TNC 45 Patrol Boats (retrofit)
  • United Arab Emirates Baynunah Class Corvettes
  • United Arab Emirates Ghannatha Class Patrol Vessels
  • Royal Australian / New Zealand Navies ANZAC Class Frigate
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd. LM2500 IEC Controller Test Cell
  • Indian Navy P-17 Frigates
  • Indian Navy P-71 Aircraft Carrier
  • Indian Navy LST (L)
  • Indian Navy P-28 Corvettes
  • Royal Malaysian Navy Patrol Vessels
  • Hellenic Navy Elli (S-Class) Frigates
  • Finnish Navy Hamina Class Patrol Vessels
  • Royal Brunei Navy Offshore Patrol Vessel
  • French Navy NTCD Landing Platform
  • Royal Swedish Navy Visby class corvette
  • Royal Swedish Navy Stockholm class corvette
  • Royal Norwegian Navy Skjold class missile torpedo boat
  • – Royal Norwegian Navy Hauk class fast patrol boat

Advanced monitoring and control applications

In addition to providing advanced monitoring and control capability for the ship’s platform machinery, for example for propulsion, electrics, auxiliaries, damage control and steering, L-3 MAPPS’s IPMS incorporates a number of advanced applications, such as an integrated bridge system; a digital gas turbine control system; a battle damage control system; an equipment health monitoring system (including vibration monitoring); an on-board team training system and a digital CCTV system.

L-3 MAPPS’s Marine Control System’s successes can be attributed to proven systems utilising advanced technology, plus an integrated marine product team approach which enables L-3 MAPPS to ‘think locally and act globally.’ We make a concerted effort to listen carefully to our customers, and work closely with our sister companies and partners to meet customer needs with superior IPMS technology.