SAEM supports the assembly of electric power stations and installation and check-up of large electric motors and machines for many Italian passenger and cargo ships, and all of Italsider’s factories in Italy and worldwide.

Design, installation and supply of ship motors, switchboards and electrical systems

Since 1962, SAEM has been designing, installing and suppling parts for megayachts and merchant navy ships belonging to the most renowned companies in Italy. We offer a comprehensive design, supply and installation service for primary electrical systems, auxiliary electrical systems, and special automation systems, including:

  • Fire detection
  • Emergency stop
  • Fire dampers control and signalling
  • Watertight doors control and signalling
  • Fireproof doors control and signalling

This ensures the client is in contact with one company throughout the whole process.

SAEM also offers design and supply services for primary and auxiliary electrical panels, electrical motor starters and electrical switchboards. Our team of engineers can also provide installation services for a large range of systems, such as medium-voltage systems, electrical propulsion systems, and pneumatic automation systems, and electrical automation systems.

SAEM provides electrical system and motor design solutions to some of Italy's largest megayacht brands.
Our technicians have provided design, supply and installation services on some of the world's biggest commercial brand name ships, such as Carnival and Disney cruise lines.
SAEM provides military ships with design, supply and installation services for components such as auxiliary systems and electrical switchboards.
SAEM also provides LAN network and fibre-optic linkage certification services for cargo, passenger and military ships.
Our qualified technicians can identify sources of energy-saving measures in their ships, and help source and identify new energy-efficient parts.
SAEM has been serving Italy's shipping industry with high-performance motor and electrical system solutions since 1962.

Linkage and certification services for navies, passenger and cargo ships

As navies and cargo and passenger ships continue to employ increasingly technical systems on board, it is important for officials to acquire all necessary paperwork to ensure their systems are working properly and efficiently.

SAEM’s team of technicians can provide linkage and certification for fibre-optic systems and LAN networks on megayachts and merchant navy ships, and even military navy ships. SAEM’s military navy clients can also receive MIL norm linkage services on their ships too.

Electrical system and motor starter design, installation and supply for military navy ships

Military navy ships must operate in rugged conditions against sometimes-hostile enemies while maintaining reliability and high performance for the crew. As a result, the ship’s electrical systems and motor starters must contain the most optimal design and robust performance to ensure military operations are successful.

SAEM’s design, supply and installation of important components such as primary electrical systems, auxiliary electrical systems and special systems help military navies source all their parts and workforce from one company, and keep them on schedule for project completion. SAEM’s team of highly skilled workers can also design and supply primary and auxiliary electrical panels, electrical motor starters and electrical switchboards.

If a client has already sourced their parts, or requires assistance on a special system, SAEM technicians also provide installation services for electrical automation systems, pneumatic automation systems, medium voltage and electrical automation systems and combat system schemes.

LED installation and alternative energy conversion for energy plants

In addition to electrical systems, switchboards and motor starter designs, SAEM also provides clients with LED design, contraction and construction services as well as design and contraction of wind power plants and fixtures for incinerators and conversion power plants.

SAEM provides a comprehensive service in the design and construction of photovoltaic plants, from the initial sketch and executive planning, to the supply and installation of parts, to the normal and extraordinary maintenance procedures and required documentation after the project is completed.

Further design and contraction services are supplied to wind power plants, where SAEM can provide the following services:

  • Sketch and executive planning
  • Supply and installation of turbines, inverters and converters
  • Supply and installation of low and medium voltage electrical boards

Industries and corporations worldwide are looking for green energy alternatives to help lower energy costs and meet their environmental efficiency targets. SAEM offers design and contraction solutions for LED lighting systems that help clients identify energy saving measures in their work environment, provide economic and architectural sustainability analyses, identify and source the appropriate product, and supply and install the system for the client.

Incinerators and conversion power plants require regular maintenance and upgrade of parts and systems to ensure high performance and reliability. SAEM can provide power plants with the supply and installation of carpentry, primary and auxiliary systems, and automation and auxiliary electrical systems.

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