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Radar Simulation, Processing and Distribution Technologies

Dspnor is a radar signal processing and distribution technology provider located in Bergen, Norway.


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Dspnor is a radar signal processing and distribution technology provider located in Bergen, Norway.

The company offers both software and standalone hardware solutions, which are capable of interfacing with virtually any current radar system.

Radar processing and tracking within the naval sector

Part of the ScanView framework, the ScanServer multiplatform software offers a scalable multiple hypothesis target tracker capable of following between 100 and 10,000 targets.

Dspnor specialises in radar technologies for the naval industry.
The ScanTracker is suitable for radar processing and tracking operations in remote locations.
The ScanStreamer Asterix converts radar signals to Asterix CAT-240 LAN signals.
The radar signal converter cabinet (RSCC) / converts and distributes analogue radar signals.
The ScanFaker simulator offers support for interference, weather and sea debris.
The ScanView framework features various radar scan-conversion modules.
Available modules include radar display software development kit (SDK), shared memory service, and a Barebone radar display with GPU-enhanced scan-conversion.
The SDK is capable of generating targets, as well as different types of transponders.

Its features include advanced processing, remote control capabilities, a radar video server, as well as interfaces to different radars and Asterix CAT-048 / CAT-062 / CAT-240 / CAT-253 models.

Dspnor also offers the ScanTracker VTS, which is a single board networked radar processor and tracker for remote locations and smaller ports.

Radar signal conversion and distribution solutions

ScanStreamer Asterix is a high-performance converter with multicast support. Converting radar to Asterix CAT-240 LAN signals, this unit may be connected to any radar transceiver on the market, has a low cost of ownership and contains a full radar signal processor.

The radar signal converter cabinet (RSCC) / programmable radar interface board (PRIB) are ideal for analogue radar signal distribution and conversion. Clients can change between protocols, or interface different systems with each other. More than 50 different configurations are available.

Parts of the ScanServer may be used to merge data or to change between two network formats.

Radar interfacing boards and converters

The ScanSweeper is a one to three channel radar interface and processing board. Though currently only available in PCIe, PMC/XMC variants may be available in the future.

The ScanStreamer Standard is a remote-controlled, high-performance radar to LAN converter. It can be connected to any radar transceiver.

The ScanStreamer Asterix is a standalone Asterix CAT – 240 multicast server. It can be connected to any radar transceiver.

Both the ScanSweeper and ScanStreamer product line contain a full radar signal processor.

ScanMixer merges two independent analogue sources into one. Some versions offer motion compensation.

Radar simulation software development kits

ScanFaker DRS (software development kit (SDK)) is a high-resolution simulator that provides support for weather, interference and sea clutter.

The SDK may generate air, land and sea targets, as well as different types of systems such as search-and-respond transponders (SART), as well as Vesta / Racon configurations.

The product can be controlled within a network and added into a ScanServer for on-site simulation.

The ScanFaker Interface Board is the industry standard for use in full mission simulators and designed to mimic the transceiver. It provides software-switched support for radars.

Radar scan-conversion framework

The ScanView framework offers a selection of radar scan-conversion modules, including a shared memory service, a Barebone radar display with GPU-enhanced scan-conversion, and a radar display SDK.

Custom-designed solutions

Dspnor offers a wide range of customised products and services, including:

  • Firmware for boards to better suit the client’s needs
  • Software modules to be used with the company’s ScanView framework
  • Specially designed electronics and enclosures
  • Deliver products tested to various military standards

The company’s electronics lab is equipped with oscilloscopes and spectrum analysers capable of handling frequencies up to 26GHz.

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