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High-Speed Military Vessels

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GRUP ARESA INTERNATIONAL, established in 1961 in Arenys de Mar (Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain), is dedicated to the design, construction and lifecycle support of civil and high-tech military vessels up to 60m length. With more than 20 years of international experience and 1,200 boats built, our group sells 90% of our production to more than 25 countries in four continents and specialises in the implementation of government projects.

The experience of the company, together with a constant investment in R&D, has resulted in our products being a reference in the national and international naval sector. Among our value-added services, GRUP ARESA INTERNACIONAL includes the installation of a service company in target countries such as Algeria (Alger), Cameroon (Douala), Angola (Luanda) and Nigeria (Lagos).

High-speed and coastal patrol military vessels

Security in all maritime areas around the world is a priority of any government. That is why GRUP ARESA INTERNATIONAL provides comprehensive solutions to its clients, offering turnkey projects of patrol and intervention boats.

The main missions carried out by GRUP ARESA INTERNATIONAL’s defence and patrol boats are anti-piracy, anti-drug, immigration and border control, and surveillance of any kind in the maritime area. Our comprehensive range of high-speed vessels includes:

ARESA 4200 OPV - long-range offshore patrol vessel, with great habitability and power of 7500 HP, allowing a maximum speed of 30kn.
ARESA 3200 OPV - long-range offshore patrol vessel, with great habitability and power of 4200 HP, allowing a maximum speed of 30kn.
ARESA 2400 CPV - high-speed patrol boat with power of 2800 HP. It provides optimal manoeuvrability thanks to its waterjet system.
The ARESA 2300 Landing Craft boat is ideal for vehicle and multi-charge transport missions, among others.
ARESA 1800 HS and ARESA 1800 CPV are high-speed patrol boats, equipped with the latest military technology.
ARESA 1600 CPV - patrol boat with high manoeuvrability, ideal for all kinds of coastal patrol missions.
ARESA 1300 SENTINEL - an armoured cabin boat, propelled by four outboard engines, reaching 45kn.
ARESA 1200 DEFCON - a waterjet propelled boat, reaching 42kn in the maximum load conditions.
ARESA 750 COMMANDOS - ideal for defence and surveillance missions, with four Scot seats and power of 400 HP.
ARESA 400 COMMANDOS RIB - GRP auxiliary boat equipped with a polyurethane sponson and four seats, achieving a maximum speed of 40kn.
  • Aresa 4200 OPV The Guardian, 42m in length and capable of 30kn
  • Aresa 3200 OPV Patrol, 32m in length and 27kn
  • Aresa 2400 CPV Defender, 24.5m in length and capable of over 30kn
  • Aresa 2300 LD Craft, 23.3m in length and capable of over 15kn
  • Aresa 1800 Fighter, 17.3m in length and capable of over 40kn
  • Aresa 1600 CPV Protector, 16m in length and capable of over 42kn
  • Aresa 1300 Sentinel, 13.10m in length and capable of 45kn
  • Aresa 1200 Stealth RIB, 12.5m in length and capable of 50kn
  • Aresa 1200 Interceptor RIB, 12m in length and capable of 40kn
  • Aresa 1200 Defcon RIB, 13.2m in length and capable of 42kn
  • Aresa 750 Commandos RIB, 7.5m in length and capable of 42kn
  • Aresa 550 Commandos RIB, 5.80m in length and capable of 35kn
  • Aresa 400 Commandos RIB, 4.30m in length and capable of 40kn

Advanced composites for naval vessels

In 1976 GRUP ARESA INTERNATIONAL built one of the first female moulds in Europe and the first in Spain, for glass reinforced plastic boats of more than 15m in length.

Since the year 2000, our group has operated the largest female mould in the European private industry, for vessels of 50m in length, using the most advanced systems in the application of these materials. These include vacuum infusion, VIP system, RTM Light and CCBM.

Among the construction and design systems used and defined by the company, the following are distinguished by their innovative nature and the advantages that have contributed to the quality of our products:

  • The definition of the double dihedric hull for gliding hulls
  • Use of sandwich laminate construction in hulls and decks
  • Construction of interior fittings, laminated by GRP
  • Anchoring of mechanical elements on deck and hull, without using mechanical means or holes drilled in the laminates
  • Use of bulb bows and hull flaps
  • High-speed interception and coastal patrol vessels

Service centres

GRUP ARESA INTERNACIONAL’s value-added services include the installation of a service company in the target countries, after the completion of the project. GRUP ARESA INTERNATIONAL sends teams of technicians to the country to carry out various actions, such as:

  • Product commissioning
  • International training courses
  • Large-scale repairs plans
  • Integral, continuous maintenance
  • Commercial actions

GRUP ARESA INTERNACIONAL also works closely and thoroughly with brokers and joint venture companies that provide strategic commercial alliances. Thus, trade ties are formed locally that enable the product to be adapted to the various stages in the production chain.

Certified military vessels

In addition to Spanish legislation regarding boat building, ships built by GRUP ARESA INTERNACIOINAL meet several international standards in compliance with all the naval classification certifications, ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004 and EMAS standards. Equally, our vessels are subject to more than 150 points of quality control in the construction process and the assembly line in our yard.

Press Releases


  • Jose Rizal-Class Frigates, Philippines

    The Philippine Navy ordered a class of two Jose Rizal-class multi-mission capable frigates from South Korean shipbuilding company Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI), under the Frigate Acquisition Project (FAP), which is aimed at protecting the country’s territorial waters.

  • SHALDAG-Class Fast Patrol Boat

    The SHALDAG-Class fast patrol boats (FPBs) are built by Israel Shipyards Limited (ISL) to meet the challenging coastal security requirements of navies across the globe.

  • M36 Class Patrol Boats

    The M36-class patrol boats are built by Marsun Company and intended to serve the maritime patrol requirements of the Royal Thai Navy.

Edifici ARESA. Moll del Portinyol s/n. Zona portuària
08350 Arenys de Mar
Barcelona (Catalunya)

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