With 30 years as a world specialist in designing and manufacturing advanced systems for video and data handling applications for transportation, marine and heavy industry markets, we use edge technology to supply superior electronic platforms for hostile environments. Our expertise helps you create innovative solutions, reducing the total cost of ownership and empowering your business with reliable equipment.

Our marine electronics are deployed on naval vessels, merchant ships, work boats and fine yachts, and are environment-certified (EN60945, DNV). We provide unique technology for rugged video and data systems for all conditions in use. Reliable devices in harsh situations increase high availability to use, with attention to aesthetic value.

High-visibility glass bridge display

Superb style and appropriate construction make our glass bridge displays amongst our best selling products. Glass bonded technology allows us to maintain the highest quality vision in any light condition. Uncompromising style and clean design make these displays suitable for high-end installations while providing the necessary robustness to face the challenges of harsh environments A side-by-side installation mode allows for the creation
of impressive visual solutions for building a true multiple-display glass-bridge for ease-of-use and conservation of space. Touch screen options are also available with the addition of a minimum frame and remote control by PC or remote desktop. A wide choice of display sizes from 15in to 20in are available in order to meet different application needs.

Below-deck marine displays

Our range of rugged below-deck marine displays assure the highest level of quality as well as unparalleled design. Propulsion systems, power generation systems and SCADA interface are just some applications for which our displays can be used. Ou rugged displays have been designed to meet the international nautical industry requirements for reliable and up-to-date technology equipment.

Impressive naval vessels and cruise ships glass bridges with VDS practical solution.
Propulsion, stabilization and ride-control, power generation, dynamic positioning - all these controls need a reliable user interface.
Glass bridge: trimming simplicity and robustness are the key of this display family success.
Indoor displays for navigation, communication, gyro compass, autopilot speed, wind measurement system, navigation sensors, telephone systems and CCTV equipment.

About VDS

Since its foundation VDS has designed and manufactured displays and panel PCs for transportation applications with specific installations on trains, buses, leisure boats and ships. Moreover VDS has designed data handling applications for the same application contexts.

The quality management system of VDS has been certified in 2003 by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) and conforms to the UNI EN ISO9001: 2000 standard.

Since its conception VDS has used cutting-edge technology to supply superior electronic platforms for hostile environments. With this philosophy VDS has developed LCD based monitors specifically designed for marine use installed on leisure boats and ships.

All VDS products are characterised for high performance and reliability obtained through rugged platforms, design experience and particular care on product manufacturing.