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Lifecycle Leasing for Search and Rescue and Patrol Boats

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MSAR, an established specialist in aluminium boats for search and rescue and patrol operations, offers a lifecycle lease concept that covers a full range of services, including design, construction, leasing, training (to STCW 95 standards), maintenance and end-of-life recycling.

Hull construction for rescue and patrol boats

MSAR offers construction of a series of hulls from 15m to 42m complete with bespoke outfitting of equipment, meeting the needs of a vast array of rescue and patrol boats. Available options for these semi-custom hulls include medical, scientific and military equipment, bullet-proofing, secure communications, cameras, tailoring for extreme climates, custom passenger comfort features, extended range and more. Standard engines installed offer a speed ranging from 36 knots up to 42 knots.

Series construction of the hulls enables MSAR to install the best equipment at the lowest cost while ensuring long-term availability of parts.

During the NAVDEX 2013 exhibition MSAR showcased three vessels:

MSAR specialises in aluminium boats for search and rescue and patrol operations.
MSAR showcased the Interceptor patrol vessel at NAVDEX 2013.
MSAR constructs hulls from 15m to 42m.
MSAR offers lifecycle lease solutions for search and rescue and patrol boats.
An aluminium hull construction enables over 90% of the material to be recycled.
  • Interceptor with waterjets in patrol version
  • Protector with pod drives in SAR version
  • The new OPV 42M concept with propeller drives and an additional marine turbine for fast operations

Lifecycle lease options for search and rescue and patrol boats

MSAR’s lifecycle lease solutions cover acquisition and support for 12 years. The benefits of a single point of contact include customised design to any specification, 24/7 remote monitoring and technical assistance, annual maintenance, and refitting of vessel and equipment after six years.

After the 12-year lease period the customer can choose between a second complete refit with a six-year extension, or a new boat and a new lease agreement.

MSAR takes full responsibility for dismantling and recycling at the end-of-life. An aluminium hull construction enables possible recycling of over 90% of the material.

Annual maintenance can be provided by a partner who is in proximity to the customer. An MSAR technician will attend to every annual maintenance to ensure service quality.

MSAR can offer such lifecycle leasing solutions, based on its outstanding designs and assured realiability of its vessels.

Benefits of lifecycle leasing

MSAR provides the latest designs and technologies in the market. Six-yearly refits guarantee customers the latest equipment at no additional cost.

Series construction ensures long-term parts availability and in the event of a failure, assistance will be promptly provided, thus keeping each lay-up to a minimum.

MSAR lifecycle leasing solutions imply a single point of contact, hence simpler procedures at lower costs – a key benefit for navies and other fleet operators.

Last but not least, MSAR recycles your boats for you.

About MSAR

MSAR is a privately owned subsidiary of the Oxbridge group, with operations in Belgium, Malta and the UK. The company is ISO 9001 certified.

Our boats:

  • Feature systems and equipment by the world’s leading manufacturers: Rolls-Royce, MTU, Furuno, etc.
  • Are built to the latest standards and often ahead of anticipated regulatory changes, particularly addressing noise reduction and double hulls
  • Are equipped with the cleanest engines (Tier 3 and 4) and ready to use diesel exhaust fuel (AUS32)


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