HEPBURN marine products and services have been meeting the needs of naval and commercial clients around the world for more than 40 years. Our equipment and systems have proven themselves in marine environments from the Arctic to the Persian Gulf, the South Atlantic to the North Sea.

With wide ranging experience spanning structural, mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and control technology, HEPBURN engineers use their skills to design and implement efficient, functional solutions for marine and offshore handling requirements.

HEPBURN Replenishment-at-Sea

HEPBURN ENGINEERING is the leading supplier of Underway Replenishment-at-Sea Systems. The features and performance of the HEPBURN system have made it the replenishment equipment of choice, more than any other system, for more sovereign navies around the world including Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, India, Italy, Spain and Saudi Arabia.

HEPBURN RAS systems, for the transfer of both liquids and solids, have been subject to continuous review and upgrading based on operating experience. Each new generation of equipment has built on that experience while at the same time integrating the latest available technology within the framework of user oriented requirements.

Italian supply ship “Vesuvio” refuelling a destroyer and cruiser. All Italian Navy log ships, including the new Etna class, rely exclusively on Hepburn RAS/FAS systems.
RAS Operations - Solids transfer from a Canadian Navy AOR. The performance of the Hepburn pre-programmed solids transfer system has been proven in bad weather and night time operations.
Transferring people. Reproduced with the permission of the Minister of Public Works and Government Services, 2009.
Fuelling at Sea (FAS) - Liquids transfer from the Brazilian Navy vessel “Almirante Gastao Motta” (enclosed system).
Reproduced with the permission of the Minister of Public Works and Government Services, 2009.

The equipment is offered in:

  • Liquids only (fuel oil, JP5, water etc.)
  • Solids only (munitions, dry stores etc.)
  • Dual Mode configurations


HEPBURN RAS Controls have always been some of the most advanced available, providing users with easy to use, reliable controls with advanced display and diagnostic capabilities. The latest generation of HEPBURN RAS Controls utilizes digital logic and computer-based HMI’s (Human-Machine Interfaces) based on proven HEPBURN developments in hoist controls technology.

HEPBURN RAS Management HMI software provides a comprehensive, user friendly, on-line operating system. The software provides a real time graphical interface with layered information including on-line manuals and drawings integrated with detail fault recording and status of all system inputs and outputs.

HEPBURN Naval and Marine Products


  • Open Deck or Enclosed STREAM Systems
  • Single deck or multi-level configurations
  • Dual liquids / solids stations
  • Single liquids or single solids stations
  • Heavy solids (HRAS)
  • Astern Refueling stations



  • Liquid Receiving Stations
  • Solids Receiving Stations
  • RAS / FAS King Posts, Sliding Padeyes
  • Retractable or fixed