BMT Defence Services is the leading independent centre of excellence for naval design and through-life support, delivering complex engineering and design capabilities for UK and international defence customers.

The company has platform design expertise in surface warships, submarines and auxiliaries and supports a wide range of government and industry customers with its expertise in naval architecture and engineering, systems engineering and information systems.

Naval platform design and warship upgrading

BMT’s designers and engineers have the flexibility and capability to undertake the complete design and assurance of whole new naval platforms, even down to the introduction of design changes to existing in-service naval vessels during refit.

BMT are constantly challenging the design capability within our multi-disciplinary project teams. The firm focus on innovation and the application of new technologies, BMT InSpira® co-ordinates R&D efforts towards new and emerging markets.

The Aegir family offers an affordable and scalable blueprint for the unique military capability requirements of both near-to-shore and blue-ocean fleet operability.
Combat systems acquisition offer positive risk reduction, timely completion and platform operability.
The hydrodynamics department at BMT Defence Services covers both naval and commercial vessel assessment, as well as optimisation for operability, efficiency and regulatory compliance.

Staff at the company are motivated, experienced and create pioneering solutions. Innovation is not an end in itself but is applied to deliver tangible benefits and is grounded firmly in long experience of designing updates and upgrades to existing warships.

The disciplines exercised by BMT’s staff include naval architecture; marine, systems, structural and electrical engineering; software development; design assurance; safety and environmental compliance; and all aspects of risk and project management.

BMT is experienced in solution space engineering (the trading-off of performance against timescales and whole-life cost estimation). It gets involved early in the development of a naval programme, continuing to deliver its expertise through subsequent phases of ever more detailed design.

Being independent of equipment and sub-system manufacturers, ship builders, and prime contractors, BMT does not manufacture products, but is often involved during the manufacturing phase of defence acquisition programmes. This assures the maintenance of design intent throughout production design and execution.

In-service support and platform disposal

BMT’s involvement in naval procurement continues throughout a ship’s life. The company is a partner in a number of support alliances, including the Submarine Support Management Group (SSMG), which is employed by the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) to maintain, update and upgrade the Trafalgar, Vanguard and Astute class submarines, so that they operate safely and capably at sea.

The company delivers naval authority, documentation and combat systems configuration management, as well as safety and environmental consultancy services to defence agencies. This latter service helps the defence agencies keep their naval fleets operating effectively and aids in the proper disposable of them at the end of a platform’s life.

Innovative warship, submarine and auxiliary design

Whether working for the prime contractor or as a customer friend to the procurement agency, BMT has many years of experience in innovative design and support of Royal Navy (RN) and Royal Fleet Auxiliary (RFA) vessels, both with regard to in-service ships such as RFA ARGUS and forthcoming platforms such as the future RN aircraft carrier (CVF / Queen Elizabeth-class), Type 45 anti-air-destroyer, Royal Navy submarine programmes and MARS tanker.

BMT provides advice to the defence agencies and industries of other countries too. For instance, the company has advised French industry and the Australian, Turkish and Canadian governments. The firm is also actively engaged in the research and development of new design concepts, including ocean-going conventional submarines, amphibious warfare vessels and auxiliaries.

Framework agreement for technical support

UK Government customers may contract with BMT through the MoD’s framework agreement for technical support (FATS).

About BMT Defence Services

BMT Defence Services is based in Bath, Fareham and Weymouth in the United Kingdom, and employs over 300 design and engineering professionals and support staff.

The company is a subsidiary of BMT Group, an international design engineering and risk management consultancy working principally in the defence, energy and environment, marine risk and insurance, maritime transport and ports and logistics sectors.

BMT Group invests significantly in research, serving its customers through a network of international subsidiaries. Its independence is guaranteed by its assets being held in beneficial ownership for its staff.