Already adopted by the UK and Norwegian Navies, the Aegir family of naval task force support vessels offers users and operators configurable designs that meet the requirements for both a multi-role or more traditional replenishment tanker.

Complying with current and projected statutory and classification requirements for oil tankers and the specific standards for a naval auxiliary of this type, the advanced Aegir double-hull design can conduct replenishment at sea whilst maximising through-life efficiencies, and extends to the protection of the bunkers, as well as cargo tanks, with solutions having been developed to offer flexible tank usage, stores holds and handling warship wastewater discharges responsibly.

Its twin-skeg hullform, which has been tested for hydrodynamic performance, offers a twin shaft solution that achieves classification society redundant propulsion notations to enhance manoeuvrability, safety and environmental protection.

Both near-to-shore and blue ocean through-life operation are enabled thanks to its modern propulsion configurations, which facilitates naval auxiliary practices with reliable and efficient deployment across a range of operating modes and speeds.