Caimen lead

Operational pressures faced by navies worldwide mean that many are considering launching their landing craft further offshore, thus creating a demand for increased design flexibility, enhanced safety functions and maximised speeds.

BMT’s Caimen landing craft series of designs provides customisable solutions that can be adapted to suit the requirements of military and security forces internationally.

The Caimen-200 provides greater logistical throughput thanks to almost doubling current, large, amphibious assault craft speed, enabling more weight and firepower of amphibious forces to be deployed in a shorter time and thus achieving greater military effect. The Caimen-90 tri-bow fast landing craft can operate at high speeds with heavy payloads, allowing faster amphibious offload from a host ship compared with slower, more conventional landing craft.

The Caimen-60 ensures rapid transit and delivery of vehicles, equipment and troops from a host ship to the shore and vice versa by combining the best of current LCM design and technology with the revolutionary BMT tri-bow hullform