ATLAS ELEKTRONIK Sonar Systems for Naval Applications

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK is one of the leading naval system houses for future-proven products and integrated system solutions.

Deployment and mine warfare systems for the naval industry

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK supplies sonar, mine warfare, command and weapons deployment systems, unmanned underwater and surface vehicles, communication systems, underwater weapons, as well as coastal surveillance and shipping guidance systems.

The company also offers comprehensive services in the maintenance and logistics sectors.

Submarine systems

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK’s Integrated Sensor Underwater System (ISUS) is based on many years of experience, it is tried and tested, and always at the latest technological level. Thanks to its modular structure and open system architecture, ISUS can easily be adapted to suit individual customer requirements and diverse operational scenarios.

The company has the expertise to integrate a range of effectors into the (ISUS) suite. With the heavyweight torpedo SeaHake mod4, it is the only company in the world able to supply the entire sensor-to-shooter functional chain for conventional submarines as a one-stop solution.

Surface combatant systems

The ATLAS combat management systems ANCS (ATLAS Naval Combat System) and AIMS (ATLAS Integrated Mission System) can be adapted in functionality to suit the customer’s requirements and national characteristics, specific tasks and the necessities of mission control.

Not only are the traditional functions, such as sea and airspace surveillance, generation of the subsurface picture and the corresponding target engagement, made available, but functions are also provided for the identification and combating of asymmetric threats, the intervention of Special Forces, and the coordination of weapons deployment with army troops on land.

The ATLAS Integrated Mine Countermeasures System (IMCMS) is a multi-role MCM weapon system which covers the complete process of mine warfare including minesweeping, mine hunting and minelaying up to task unit level, as well as supporting functions such as hydrography, environmental assessment and surface and air surveillance.

The system is based on open architecture, state-of-the-art technologies and is operated from multi-function consoles allowing the control of each sub-system from any of the consoles.

Mine detection and disposal

With the aid of mine hunting sonars such as the hull-mounted sonar HMS-12M or the AUV-based synthetic aperture sonar MCMSAS, threat objects can be detected and classified, no matter where they are positioned on the seabed or water column.

Once detected, the threat object will be identified and cleared by means of the expendable mine disposal system SeaFox.

Influence mine sweeping is another mine countermeasure technique. By modelling the target ship’s magnetic and acoustic character, this method simulates its signature. ATLAS ARCIMS combines the simulation sweeping capability with a remote-controlled unmanned surface vehicle (USV) in order to trigger the mine at a safe distance to the crew and the MCM platform.

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK develops and manufactures all of these capabilities from a single source.

Anti-submarine warfare systems

The company’s spectrum of sonar systems for surface combatants consists of active and passive sonars ranging from the hull-mounted sonar (ASO) through to the low-frequency active towed array sonar (ACTAS).

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK systems meet the requirements of nearly every conceivable mission scenario with diverse roles, resolutions and applications.

Advanced processing methods guarantee that our sonar family can be used both for self-defence, as well as for every ASW mission.

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK sonars have the ability to detect, track and classify submarines, torpedoes, UUVs, anchored mines and even small surface combatants, such as high-speed patrol boats.

Unmanned vehicles

In the field of surface combatants, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK offers the hybrid unmanned surface vehicle ARCIMS. At its core, the system consists of a modular surface platform that can be fitted with either a mine hunting module or other payload packages, depending on the envisaged operational spectrum.

Our portfolio also includes the SeaCat AUV, which is distinguished amongst other things by its dual-use character. A unique feature of the SeaCat is its completely exchangeable payload head, which is connected to the AUV body by means of an open interface.

Naval weapons

In the form of the SeaHake mod4, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK offers one of the most modern heavyweight torpedoes in the world for launching from submarines and surface vessels. The technology, performance, reliability and operational uses of the SeaHake mod4 set the global standard.

SeaSpider is the world’s first dedicated anti-torpedo-torpedo (ATT), designed without compromise to be an effective and affordable solution to the torpedo threat. It offers an unrivalled defensive capability against all currently deployed torpedo types.

The SeaSpider ATT actively seeks out attacking torpedoes with the sole objective of their immediate destruction. Unlike decoy / jammer torpedo defence effectors, the operation of the ATT is totally independent of the attacking torpedo’s mode of homing, guidance or type of propulsion system.

Communication systems

Devices and systems made by Hagenuk Marinekommunikation GmbH are to be found on all surface combatants and submarines of the Federal German Navy and many other naval forces.

The technology spectrum reaches from VLF receivers and transmitters for the underwater communications of submarines right up to satellite radio links. With that, HMK covers all the frequency ranges and methods of wireless voice and data transmission.

Maintenance and training services

As a developer, producer and systems house for maritime high-technology, ATLAS SERVICES provides comprehensive support for all products, to allow for effective and smooth operational use.

As an important link in the supply chain, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK offers the corresponding services; these may range from quick repairs to integrated training solutions and up to innovative public-private partnerships providing full service support for all systems.

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Press Release

Naming the World’s Most Modern Corvette for the Israeli Navy

On May 23, 2019, the world’s most modern corvette was named INS Magen at a ceremony in Kiel.


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Press Release

29 May 2019

On May 23, 2019, the world’s most modern corvette was named INS Magen at a ceremony in Kiel.

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22 May 2019

Maritime space is essential to human life. Marine resources feed a growing world population, which is increasingly concentrated in coastal areas. Maritime corridors are the backbone of globalisation.

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22 June 2018

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK and Thales Deutschland will produce the combat system of the German Class K130 Corvette.

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22 March 2018

Michael Ozegowski has been assigned as the new Speaker of the Management Board and Chief Executive Officer of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH and will begin this role from 1 May.

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6 February 2018

In May, ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK (AEUK) is due to deliver its first multi-role SEA Class workboat to the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD).

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14 March 2017

The companies join resources and establish a joint venture company in Norway that will be the international strategic and exclusive supplier of combat systems for thyssenkrupp Marine Systems' submarines.

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22 February 2017

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK UK (AEUK) has announced another major export contract award for its ARCIMS Mission System.

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1 February 2017

ATLAS ELEKTRONIK GmbH has received an order from the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) for the modernisation of three minehunting vessels of the Frankenthal class (Type 332) in service with the German Navy.

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