The Pacific 950 optionally manned RIB was developed by BAE Systems and ASV Global. Credit: BAE Systems.
The Pacific 950 has a maximum speed of 45k and maximum range of 180nmi. Credit: BAE Systems.
The Pacific 950 can be deployed in a range of manned and unmanned missions. Credit: BAE Systems.

The Pacific 950 is an optionally manned rigid inflatable boat (RIB) developed jointly by BAE Systems and ASV Global to meet the special mission requirements of naval forces worldwide.

The unmanned maritime operational capabilities of the Pacific 950 were presented at the Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2017 exhibition held in London, UK, in September 2017.

The vessel demonstrated anti-submarine warfare (ASW) as well as intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance (ISTAR) capabilities during the Royal Navy’s Unmanned Warrior exercise held in October 2016.

The Pacific 950 is suitable for deployment from land, sea and air (through aerial delivery), offering operational flexibility for the users. It can be used for a range of manned and unmanned missions, including maritime patrol, surveillance, reconnaissance, fire support and protection of larger ships in a convoy.

Pacific 950 RIB design and features

The composite sandwich structure of Pacific 950 is made of e-glass and carbon fibre materials. Its lightweight hull is optimised to enhance sea-keeping in higher sea states, while its deep V-shape reduces slamming.

The vessel offers unparalleled usable deck space for the installation of boarding equipment and weapon systems.

The structure is designed to meet the heavy loading requirements. It can support a wide range of special interfaces and equipment associated with aerial delivery. The forward and aft decks, as well as the engine blocks, are installed with an integrated deck track system to configure the boat according to the mission requirements.

The track system offers constant spacing throughout the craft and enables the installation of seat bases and specialist equipment racks for quick reconfiguration and conversion of the platform. The vessel measures 9.5m long and 3m wide. It can carry a maximum payload of 3,000kg.


The sensor suite integrates a navigation radar, an electro-optical pan-tilt-zoom camera with optical and thermal displays, and a 360° panoramic infrared camera offering a broad view of the boat’s surroundings.

Navigation and control

The boat is equipped with ASV Global ASView control system transforming the standard platform into an unmanned, autonomous vessel operated by direct remote control. The system includes the ASView-Bridge graphical user interface, ASView-Helm remote controller, ASView-Base radio attachment and ASView-Core vehicle system.

The forward console includes controls for the coxswain and navigator, while the rear console accommodates communications and battle space management systems as well as offering seating for a signaller and commander. The boat can rapidly switch between manned and unmanned modes.

Weapon systems on board Pacific 950 optionally manned RIB

The RIB supports the integration of mounts for the installation of weapon systems at forward and aft locations of the hull. The weapon mounts can carry 7.62mm and 12.7mm machine guns, as well as 40mm grenade launchers.


The propulsion system integrates two supercharged/turbocharged inboard diesel engines and twin-propeller stern drives. The boat is also available with twin jet drive and twin petrol engines. The power plant ensures the high speed and response required for embarking type operations with heavy payloads. It enables acceleration of 0-30k in ten seconds.

The RIB can sail at a maximum speed of 45k and attain an average speed of 40k when carrying a maximum load of 3t. It has a maximum range of 180nmi and can operate autonomously for up to 12 hours on a pre-planned route or through remote control.