NHIndustries is a company that manufactures helicopters. The company specialises in the design and development, industrialisation, and production of the NHIndustries NH90 series of helicopters. It helps customers with the management of the integrated logistic support process, the management of contracts, new business, and marketing activities, and the management of the design, development, and configuration process. The production responsibilities are divided among the major sections/components of each of the shareholding companies – Airbus Helicopters France (engines, rotors, electrical, flight control, and the core avionics systems), Airbus Helicopters Deutschland (forward and centre fuselage, fuel system, communications, avionics control systems, and production assembly), Fokker (tail structure, doors, sponsons, landing gear, and the intermediate gearbox), and AgustaWestland (rear fuselage, main gearbox, hydraulic system, automatic flight control, plant management systems, power plant, and the NFH mission system). The company also provides logistic support for the NH90 series of helicopters.