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Defence and Shipboard MF to UHF Antennas, Antenna Combiners / Diplexers and Control Systems

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Comrod is world renowned for its superior quality defence and shipboard antennas for HF, VHF and UHF applications.  Now the product line has been expanded to include a range of products used between the antenna and transceiver. Comrod can offer antenna systems ranging from passive antenna combiners and diplexers up to highly sophisticated antenna control systems.

Defence and shipboard antenna control systems

The ACS-001 system is an active VHF/UHF antenna combiner and an antenna selector switch. It is used to reduce the number of antennas in the installation and allows the simultaneous use of several radios to one transmit antenna or to individual directional antennas. A receive distribution amplifier is included to allow simultaneous reception on all receivers. The system is controlled using a TFT touch panel or with a Windows PC application.

HF, VHF and UHF TX/RX coupling units for antennas

The Comrod range of coupling units are intended for use with multiple transceivers together with one or two common antennas. It is possible to transmit or receive on all channels at the same time. The transmit insertion loss will depend on the number of active transmitters. A low noise amplifier is used in the receive path.When used with two antennas, simultaneous transmission and reception is possible.

Telescopic HF whip antenna system

The AT100Tel is a fast-acting telescopic HF whip antenna system. It has been primarily designed to reduce the radar visibility of the ship as the antenna is only deployed for use; deployment speed can be selected as 4s, 8s or 12s. It is also able to reduce the hazard to helicopters if used near a helipad. When not in use it is completely integrated into the superstructure of the ship.

HF, VHF, UHF antenna combining and control systems.
Integrated antennas and control systems.
HF, VHF, UHF TX/TX coupling units.
AT100Tel – HF telescopic whip.
HF, VHF, UHF shipboard antennas.

Once deployed the antenna behaves electrically like a standard 10m whip. The antenna is controlled with a plc connected to a TFT touch panel or with a Windows PC application.

HF loop antenna for naval applications

The HF230L_N is an HF loop antenna for naval applications operating over the 1.6MHz – 30MHz frequency band. It is designed to provide superior near vertical incident skywave (NVIS) performance at distances from 0km to more than 500km compared to a 10m whip, and allows continuous communications in ground-wave, NVIS and skywave applications. 

The HF230L_N is a magnetic dipole antenna which can be placed at any appropriate top-side position on the ship. The magnetic characteristics of the antenna means the antenna has a far superior signal-to-noise ratio compared to whip antennas as it decouples from the near field electrostatic noise sources. This compact antenna is recommended for multiple antenna top-side applications, both because of its small size and because it reduces co-site interference with all V/UHF whip antennas.

GRP shipboard antennas

The shipboard antenna product range is used extensively by defence forces across the world. Antennas are available covering the HF, VHF and UHF frequency bands with models suitable for rigid inflatables (RIBs) up to larger naval vessels. All antennas are manufactured using GRP construction and are finished in a high-grade lacquer to withstand the harsh environment which they will operate.

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