CeramTec is a technical ceramics manufacturing industry leader that specialises in developing, producing and acquiring parts and products made from ceramic materials.

With more than a century of production and development expertise, CeramTec is one of the global leaders in advanced ceramics manufacturing. We adapt the materials so that they can be used in a wide variety of applications.

A range of industries uses CeramTec’s advanced ceramics, including automotive, electronics, as well as medical, energy, environmental, equipment and mechanical engineering.

Sonar and sensor components made from piezoceramics

CeramTec produces piezoceramic parts and assemblies for sonar and defence applications. These include variable depth sonar for large-platform surface ships, dipping sonar and sonobuoy systems for helicopters, planar flank array sonar, active submarine sonar, and anti-torpedo countermeasures.

CeramTec-ETEC’s ALOSLIDE inrun track system with ceramic nubs and ALOSLIDE ICE – additionally equipped with an automatic irrigation and cooling system – developed for ski jumps makes it possible to hold ski jumping events all year round.
With ALOTEC advanced ceramics as a base, CeramTec-ETEC has become one of the world’s largest providers of wear and corrosion protection solutions.
CeramTec uses Rubalit alumina ceramics for CeramCore cores for metal-oxide, carbon-film, metal-layered, thin-film and wire-wound resistors.

We also produce customised high-voltage and radiofrequency (RF) capacitors for high-voltage, high-repetition power assemblies and supplies.

Armour ceramics for land, air and sea vehicles

CeramTec specialises in manufacturing and supplying high-quality armour ceramics based on alumina and silicon carbide for land, air and sea vehicle protection. The challenge to offer the highest level of protection with the lowest possible weight is a constant battle of material science, integration technologies and physics.

The systems must offer protection from a range of threats such as direct gunfire, shaped charges, fragmentation and land mines. Ceramic is one component of the lightweight composite system, which includes splinter foil, ceramic, adhesive and backing.

The projectile experiences deformation and shatters. The residual energy of the shattered fragments of the projectile amounts to only about 15%, which can be fully absorbed by the backing, mostly polyaramide, polyethene or polypropylene.

CeramTec does not deliver comprehensive armour systems. We specialise in producing high-performance ceramic armour materials customised to client requirements.

Transparent ceramic materials with high resistivity

With transparent PERLUCOR, CeramTec can manufacture ceramic material for all vehicle lightweight composite armour protection applications.

PERLUCOR helps to achieve weight and thickness reductions of 30% to 60% within a transparent armour composite system compared to existing glass / polymer laminate transparent armour systems.

Hard scratch and sharp impact-resistant PERLUCOR is suitable for the protection of optronic and optic equipment, including windows, cameras and periscopes. The material features can be especially useful in desert and semi-desert environments.

Armour ceramics for body protection

Once soldiers deploy from their protected vehicles, they also require lightweight body protection that allows them to operate freely at elevated temperatures and altitudes carrying a full battle load.

Today, ceramic plates are used as inserts for armour vests. CeramTec supplies inserts based on single-curved ceramic tiles with radii between 200mm and 400mm. They consist of small standard tiles that measure 50mm x 50mm, providing improved multihit protection.

About CeramTec

Our portfolio includes over 10,000 products, components and parts made from technical ceramics, as well as a wide range of ceramic materials.

With production sites and subsidiaries in Europe, America, and Asia, CeramTec is an established global manufacturer and supplier, employing over 3,500 people. We have generated over €600m in revenues in 2018.