BMTI Composite Materials and Parts for Submarines

In almost 30 years since the company was founded, BMTI has become a leading supplier of composite materials and parts for submarine applications.

Composite materials for submarines

BMTI is specialised in composite materials and structures dedicated to deep-water applications. The company offers protective parts (radomes), the structure of which has been optimised to resist water pressure (up to -1,000m) and repeated shocks from “heavy sea”.

It also offers a wide range of syntactic foam offering excellent buoyancy in depths of up to more than 8,000m. These materials are available in blocks and in the form of standard buoys.

The “composite” activity harnesses all key aspects of the technology available to it and has a considerable array of R&D and production resources, such as:

  • Mechanical studies, including 3D computer aided design (solid works). Finite element calculations, isotropic and anisotropic materials (composites), non-linear calculation, damped structures, and shock and vibration design
  • Development of chemical formulations, including epoxy and polyurethane bases, and exothermic control, adaptation of the cure cycle, and control of glass transition temperature (Tg)
  • Test and control, including differential scanning calorimetry, complete “laboratory” range (mixers, etc.), and 600bar pressure test chamber (automatic cycling)
  • Manufacture of models and moulds
  • Casting and machining
  • Plastic film deposition and finishing

Structural parts for submarines

BMTI is able to study, develop and manufacture structural fillers for submarines, such as deck elements in the form of syntactic foam blocks or diving and steering rudders.

Syntactic foam for submarines

The increasing demand for submarine and deep offshore industry research is a privileged growth sector for BMTI. The installation of increasingly complex and expensive equipment in ever deeper waters requires research into technical solutions that are capable of countering the weight and facilitating operation.

BMTI’s own formulated syntactic foam, which is suited to deep water applications (-1000 to -8000 m), meets the emerging demands particularly well and has been favoured by major contractors, such as IFREMER, CNRS, Comex, Fugro, Kongsberg, SBM, etc.

In order to give even greater impetus to its activity in this field, BMTI has just entered into a commercial alliance with DIAB (world leader in foam (from surface to – 700 m)), which has a network of subsidiaries entirely dedicated to this market segment. Together, the range offered by the two companies covers all possible requirements of the oceanographic and offshore industry. Consequently, clients in this sector are now able to satisfy their demands under one roof.


BMTI also has a wide range of syntactic foam buoyancy products for 1,000m to 8,000m.

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ZI Camp Laurent

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+ 33 4 94 87 07 77 + 33 4 94 94 05 71

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