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Microwave Wideband Antennas and Subsystems for Naval Applications

Steatite Q-par Antennas has been researching, designing, and manufacturing microwave antennas and subsystem solutions for the naval industry since 1973.

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Since 1973, Steatite Q-par Antennas has been researching, designing, and manufacturing microwave antennas and subsystem solutions for the naval industry.

The firm’s commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom-designed microwave antennas and subsystems operate between 100MHz and 500GHz.

Bespoke wideband antennas for the naval industry

Steatite provides a vast range of wideband defence antennas that are used for applications such as naval electronic warfare (EW) / signals intelligence (SIGNT).

Leading commercial electromagnetic design software is used to produce these antennas in-house.

Dual linear and dual circular polarised, sinuous antennas provide a wide bandwidth and beamwidth.
COTS and custom-designed segmented reflector / feed antenna combinations are used for ELINT, threat emitting, and direction-finding applications.
Omnidirectional antennas help to reduce weight, space, and cost requirements due to the fact one antenna can be used, instead of multiple products.
Spinning antenna subsystems are contained in microwave transparent, low-loss radomes.
Cavity-backed spiral antennas provide broad beamwidth with low squint, smooth radiation patterns, and purity of circular polarisation.
Horn antennas can be used for SIGNT, EW, and test and measurement applications.
All-weather antenna and subsystem solutions are provided by Steatite for the use with demanding land, sea and airborne applications.

The antennas and subsystem solutions are combinations of COTS and custom-design multi-axis all-weather antenna positioners and wideband antennas that use custom mounting structures. They are contained in microwave transparent radomes up to 40GHz.

Antenna positioners are housed in custom designed microwave transparent radomes up to 40GHz.

Reflector antennas for EW and ELINT applications

A large range of COTS and custom-design reflector antennas are offered by Steatite.

Offset, prime focus, solid, and segmented reflector / feed antennas are all produced by the firm.

Reflector antennas are suitable for direction-finding applications, as well as EW, and ELINT. They are available with N, SMA, or K type waveguide flanges.

Ultra wideband omnidirectional antennas for spectrum management applications

Steatite’s range of ultra wideband omnidirectional antennas are available either vertically or slant polarised.

The 42.5GHz antennas help to reduce costs, space, and weight requirements for customers, as they replace multiple antennas across one bandwith.

The products are used for direction finding and spectrum management applications.

Customised horn antennas with 10dBi to 20dBi

A range of custom wideband horn antennas are available from Steatite. Such versions include conical, multimode, rectangular, sectoral, dual polarised, and double and quad ridged. These antennas have maximum frequencies up to 500GHz.

Octave and multi-octave wideband horn antennas have typical gain valued from 10dBi to 20dBi, however higher gain horns can have gain values in excess of 20dBi.

Horn antennas can be altered and adapted in order to meet customer requirements.

High-performance omnidirectional spinning antennas

Direction-finding and omnidirectional high-performance spinning antennas are available from 0.5GHz to 18GHz.

These antennas are contained in a microwave transparent, low-loss radome, and are ascended on high-speed rotating direct-drive positioners, with advanced scan control.

Sinuous antennas with broad beamwidth and wide bandwidth

Steatite’s range of linear and dual circular polarised, sinuous antennas provide broad beamwidth and wide bandwidth.

They allow for two orthogonal polarisations to be simultaneously handled, which provides intercept opportunities for a nroad spectrum of arbitrarily polarised hostile signals.

Meanwhile, spiral antennas provide smooth radiation patterns, purity of circular polarisation, and wide beamwidth with low squint.

The firm also produces airborne and ground-based applications, such as spectrum management, radar warning receiver (RWR), electronic surveillance measure (ESM), and 360(d) direction-finding.

The antennas are used for application such as SIGNT, EW, for test and measuring.


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