Silver Ships / Ambar Marine builds advanced aluminum vessels to meet the demanding needs of the military. The majority of the business is centered around building AM series rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) for the US military, for patrol, vessel boarding, and support roles.

RIB design and production facilities

Silver Ships is made up of new and modern facilities situated on 16 acres near Mobile, AL USA. The oldest building was built in 1996 and three of the five buildings have been built since 2005. The newest addition is a 20,000 square foot material storage building that houses raw materials and a new state-of-the-art 40ft CNC cutting table that is able to cut and mark materials to meet tight production schedules and ensure a high level of quality is maintained. Silver Ships / Ambar Marine is able to support a high production rate with room for future expansion.

Mission-ready RIBs

The AM series RIBs are offered in a the 6m to 11m range and are available in various configurations to meet the mission needs. Common configurations include center console and full pilothouse, however the AM Series of boats can easily be tailored to meet many different requirements.

Foam buoyancy collars for RIBs

Silver Ships / Ambar Marine is the industry leader in foam collar development. Silver Ships built its first RIB with a foam collar in 1990. Since then we have been working with leading collar manufacturers’ to create the best collar solution on the market. Our unique collar system utilizes a small air bladder between the hull and foam providing extra tensioning keeping the collar tight when underway. If for any reason the air bladder were to be punctured, there is no worry, the foam collar will remain intact and will not hinder performance of the vessel what so ever.

AM 800 used in law enforcement.
AM 800 patrol boat in Iraq.
AM 900 dive boat stationed on US ship.
AM 1100 special operations support craft.
AM 1100 port security boat.

The AM Series RIBs are available with many options such as:

  • Diesel or gas propulsion engines
  • Outboard, waterjet, or surface piercing propulsors
  • Climate control systems
  • Complete navigational electronics
  • Thermal imaging cameras
  • Integrated communication systems
  • Ballistic protection

RIBs for coast guard and naval support roles

Applications of the AM Series RIBs range from the AM 700 that was recently delivered as the small boat for the US Coast Guards newest national security cutter, to the AM 1100 in use by Naval Special Warfare as a dive support craft.

Silver Ships / Ambar Marine is an approved GSA vendor.