Rubin Design Bureau is a marine engineering company that provides design services.

The company’s key areas of expertise include the design of all classes of submarines; construction of marine robotic systems; design of marine structures for various applications; production of training means and facilities for various applications; supervision, maintenance, and retrofitting for objects designed by Rubin; design, production, testing, and supply of prototypes and production samples of onboard equipment.

The company provides the full engineering cycle from the concept to detailed design documents, including shipbuilding calculations (buoyancy, stability, unsinkability, weight load, propulsion capacity, steerability, roll/pitch, and dynamics in specific conditions) for submarines, surface ships (both naval and civil) and offshore structures; strength calculations for hulls of submarines and ships, offshore structures, railroad cars, and other objects; safety integrity level (SIL) analysis, risk analysis, survivability assessment for emergency situations; power plant design; control system software development; electric power systems, power grids, electric propulsion systems, process control systems, local control systems, and electrical work procedures and documents; marine operations; construction techniques, selection of coatings, and corrosion protection means; and delivery lists for components, equipment, spare parts, and accessories.

Rubin also offers on-site supervision, and technical and process solutions for construction yards, their subcontractors, and clients during construction and trials.