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L-3 Klein Associates

Side Scan Sonars

Klein Associates is a leading sensor technology company, which provides high-resolution sonar systems, marine navigation systems and maritime surveillance and security solutions.

11 Klein Drive,
03079 New Hampshire,
United States of America

11 Klein Drive,
03079 New Hampshire,
United States of America

Klein Associates is a leading sensor technology company, which provides high-resolution sonar systems, marine navigation systems and maritime surveillance and security solutions.

With over 40 years experience in developing and manufacturing high-performance side scan sonar systems, our products are respected as the standard of excellence in the industry. As such, our products are used by governments, navies, port authorities, surveyors, oil companies and universities worldwide.

L-3 Klein Associate’s products have been used to locate a number of high profile aircraft and vessels. Our sonar systems have been used to locate the HMS Titanic, US Space Shuttle wreckages and John F. Kennedy Jr.’s plan, just to name a few. Our products are also capable of performing the day-to-day work of hydrographic surveys.

We employ experienced staff with technical knowledge – who are familiar with the ocean environments we work with – ensuring outstanding products are services.

Multi-beam side scan sonar technology

L-3 Klein is a pioneer in commercial off the shelf (COTS) multi-beam side scan sonar technology. Unlike the single beam side scan sonar systems – whose along-track resolution degrades with increasing range – the Klein dynamically-focused multi-beam sonars deliver constant along-track resolution. With 100% bottom coverage and two speeds up to three times faster than single-beam systems, the superior high-resolution, high-speed multi-beam system has been extremely successful with many worldwide governments and navies, where it has become the system of choice for Q-route surveys, and detection of mines.

System 5900 multi-beam side scan sonar

The high-resolution multi-beam side scan sonar (MBSS) on the Klein System 5900 employs advanced signal processing techniques and a superior acoustic design to improve track target resolution by up to 25% (from previous models).

The System 5900 also uses dynamic beam steering image stabilization techniques to remove artefacts caused by tow vehicle motion which would otherwise blur seabed images, particularly at longer ranges where the affects – due to angular perturbations – are more pronounced.

A Swath Bathymetric Sonar (SBS) is also integrated into the System 5900. The sonar uses advanced interferometric signal processing to produce simultaneous estimates of the seabed topography out to the full swath length of the sonar – typically, 12 times the overall altitude of the tow fish.

System 5000 V2 multi-beam side scan sonar

The System 5000 now comes with an added reconnaissance mode, which extends long-range coverage to 250 meters per side. We have also added a frequency modulated chirp, which yields consistent cross track resolution at all range settings and speeds.

The System 5000 can be configured to include an optional SBS.

HydroChart 5000 swath bathymetric sonar system

The HydroChart 5000 is a hydrographic survey system with the ability to simultaneously collect IHO quality swath bathymetry and high-resolution multi-beam side scan sonar data in a co-registered and geo-referenced data set. It is the only product in its class to provide frequency modulated chirp processing for both bathymetry and side scan, with such high resolutions and range performance.

The system’s dual functionality effectively allows two surveys to be accomplished in one pass, subsequently saving ship time and expense.

System 5000 multi-beam side scan sonar

The System 5000 is a five-beam side scan sonar, designed for military, hydrographic and commercial applications requiring high-resolution images of the sea floor and bottom obstructions, while operation at tow speeds of up to ten knots, with an overall swath of 300 meters.

System 3000 digital side scan sonar

The System 3000 is the latest in digital side scan sonar imaging technology. It is our best all-round system, and is primarily used for users requiring multiple applications or in deep water. In production since May 2002, System 3000 provides impressive image resolutions, an intuitive software package, and a higher sonar coverage range than is available in the industry for equal frequency.

Klein Hydroscan

The all-new HydroScan is a professional grade side scan sonar for shallow water and rapid deployment applications. L-3 Klein’s Wideband technology provides an unmatched side scan range and resolution in a compact, one-man portable package.

K-Chirp Model 3310 sub bottom profiler (SBP)

The new SBP has two transmit transducers and linear hydrophone Mills Cross configuration for optimum ‘sea bottom footprint’, as well as a CHIRP transmit pulse. This SBP is excellent for the production of data.

Seagull Unmanned Surface Vessel (USV)

Seagull is a multi-role unmanned surface vessel (USV) manufactured by Elbit Systems to meet the maritime warfare mission requirements of naval forces worldwide.

L-3 Klein Awarded NAVO Life-Cycle Upgrade Contract

L-3 Klein Associates, Inc. (L-3 Klein) announced today that it has received an award from the US Naval Oceanographic Office (NAVO) for seven life-cycle kits to upgrade existing L-3 Klein System 5000 sonar systems to the advanced Klein S5900 multi-beam side scan sonar.

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