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Frequency Converters, UPS, Starters, Control and Power Electric Solutions for Military Applications

Founded in 1970, Eurocontrol S.p.A develops, manufactures, tests and qualifies custom items and complex systems for military and defence projects, fulfilling customers' technical requirements and complying with military standards from the design stage through to project completion.

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With a wide range of projects and products that comply with international military standards, Eurocontrol S.p.A (Eurocontrol) is a single source supplier for shipyards and integrator companies. We provide naval and military applications across areas that include weapons control, power and control electronics, electro-optical systems and electromechanics, along with simulators and training systems.

Eurocontrol’s engineers and qualified technicians also provide innovative, customised systems and solutions for the shipbuilding industry.

Eurocontrol conducts quality assurance activities throughout the product lifecycle, from planning to production and maintenance, as well as performing product tests in qualified external laboratories.

We also provide system support services directly to end users, guaranteeing assistance for logistics and maintenance feedback worldwide.

Since its inception, Eurocontrol has worked with the naval, military and shipbuilding industries.
Eurocontrol’s engineers and qualified technicians provide innovative, customised systems and solutions.
Our most frequently used standards include AQAP, MIL and STANAG.
Eurocontrol’s solutions are designed to meet specific environmental and functional aspects.

Retrofitting and upgrading of ships and submarines

Based on customer requirements, Eurocontrol tailors life extension projects to provide the most suitable solution, as well as providing assistance in drafting technical specifications for retrofitting or upgrading older ships.

We consider parameters such as volume, dimension, weight and electrical and mechanical interface, in order to be compliant with the FFF approach:

  • Form – defines the ‘look’ of the part or item
  • Fit – the ability of an item to physically interface with all other components
  • Function – the action or actions that an object has been designed to perform

Eurocontrol then combines these considerations with new designs, innovative technical solutions and high-quality systems.

The FFF approach is applied both on new equipment and single spare parts.

Spare parts supply

Eurocontrol designs all system parts in-house, guaranteeing clear and defined drawings and technical details.

In cases of component obsolescence, Eurocontrol has the experience, instruments and information to redesign parts or provide alternative solutions that will extend the main equipment lifetime.

Weapon controls

Eurocontrol also provides naval and avionic applications with complex and complete weapon control systems.

The systems are usually composed of special electric motors, control and power units, human-machine interface (HMI), optical sensors, attitude reference units and ballistic calculation and target tracking features. They also have different communication interfaces, such as remote control, local control and fire-control system (FCS).

The weapon servo system controls the position of a gun or rocket launcher controlled by an external combat management system (CMS) or internal FCS.

Eurocontrol usually supplies all the parts of the servo. These include: brushless or DC servomotors with geared or direct drive and fully digital drive power supply circuits; HMI panels for either local or remote control with touch screen video displays or lamps and buttons; attitude angles systems (pitch roll heading angles measure for naval applications); and fire computer / FCS used in autonomous systems or driven by external sensors.

The fire computer is normally, but not necessarily, embedded in the weapon servo system. It operates the reconstruction of target trajectory and calculation of lead angles and ballistic corrections obtaining the angles of the stabilised line of fire.

The position of the target may be supplied by an electro-optical director (EOD) or by a radar, and attitude angles of the ship are used as an input.

The EOD may be off mount or on mount, in this case coaxial or independent. The sensors utilised are day cameras, infrared (IR) cameras, Laser Range Finders and normally a video tracker is also present.

Military standard qualifications

Eurocontrol follows national and international rules to design according to required military standards, and successfully tests and qualifies new equipment every year.

Our most frequently used standards include AQAP, MIL and STANAG. Some of the MIL standards include MIL-STD 167-1 (mechanical vibrations), MIL-STD 740-1 (airborne sound), MIL-STD 740-2 (structure-borne vibrations), MIL S 901-D (shock test) and MIL-STD-810 (environmental test).

In the case of requests for different standards, we support the customer on the analysis of the limits for different values.

Eurocontrol’s solutions are designed to meet specific environmental and functional aspects, including special dimensioning, shock and vibration compatibility, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) / electromagnetic interference (EMI), and hostile environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, high pressure or mechanical stress.

Preliminary qualification tests are carried out using testbenches and calibrated instruments, including a climatic room. When customers require access to qualifications, we cooperate with external laboratories.

For qualifications of complex systems, Eurocontrol is also able to perform tests with equipment produced by different manufacturers.

Existing products and capabilities

Existing capabilities developed and qualified onboard ships and submarines include static converters and inverters, remote operating consoles, variable speed drives, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), battery chargers, motor starters (for pumps, compressors and other on-board motors), EODs, stabilised platforms and special electric motors.

Eurocontrol also has experience in weapon FCS, electric turret drives and motion simulators, as well as stabilised servo-controlled mounts and directors for integration with a variety of payloads.

About Eurocontrol

Founded in 1970, Eurocontrol is a privately owned small and medium enterprise (SME) company based in Genoa, Italy.

Since our inception, we have worked with the naval, military and shipbuilding industries and now have more than 50 years of experience designing and manufacturing high-quality, reliable components.


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