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SubSea Craft

Advanced Maritime Technology

SubSea Craft (SSC) is an advanced maritime technology solutions provider.

Belvedere Point,
1a Alexandria Park,
Penner Road,
PO9 1QY United Kingdom

Belvedere Point,
1a Alexandria Park,
Penner Road,
PO9 1QY United Kingdom

SubSea Craft (SSC) is an advanced maritime technology solutions provider.

We focus on delivering products and services that meet specific client requirements, collaborating with other businesses and agencies to provide training for high-risk environments and offering maintenance support to our clients.

Diver delivery unit for maritime, joint and special operations

Our core product is VICTA Diver Delivery Unit, a surface submersible craft that enables discreet diver delivery and recovery. The innovative British product is suitable for defence, offshore energy, research and leisure sectors.

The unique vessel combines the characteristics of a high-speed and capacity long-range insertion craft (LRIC) and a submersible swimmer delivery vehicle (SDV) that transports divers on or beneath the surface.

VICTA quickly transitions from surface to sub-surface, reducing exposure and the risk of being noticed. The vessel delivers mission-ready operators to their target, offering optimal operational capability. VICTA can accommodate up to eight operators and their equipment.

A fly-by-wire control system ensures optimal craft performance and autonomous operation in high-risk environments.

VICTA’s state-of-the-art design enables it to be deployed from various platforms such as standard shipping containers, road trailers, helicopters, surface vessels and air transport.

The vessel hull can reach a surfaced planning speed of over 40k and a cruise speed of 30k. Full computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations for surface and sub-surface operations ensure a dynamically stable craft with a maximum submerged speed of 8k.

Easily integrated technology for the maritime industry

VICTA’s multiplex controller is based on Controller Area Network (CAN) technology, enabling easy integration.

An integrated command system monitors all on-board systems. A specially designed helm and dashboard have a user interface, displaying vital performance, diagnostic and crew status information.

Naval technology testing and submersible capability development

SubSea Craft works in collaboration with other businesses and agencies to develop capability, trial and test-specific components and provide training.

We test and evaluate new products and technology such as sub-surface communication, life support and breathing apparatus.

SubSea Craft uses simulation together with augmented, mixed or virtual reality for capability development.

We provide submersible capacity to support specific capability development related to existing strategic programmes and training, using VICTA to reduce operational costs.

Tailored consultancy services for the naval sector

We can offer a variety of different consultancy packages to meet client requirements, including diving, project management, specialist engineering and leadership.

Our tailored consultancy services include specialist technical advice related to underwater / submersible capability development, engineering consultancy, specialist diving advice, training and capability development advice, and maritime technology programme management guidance. We can also provide project management, leadership advice and training, and customer operations and maintenance training development and delivery.


Craft – VICTA adds a unique dimension to maritime, joint and special operations in the defence industry.

Collaboration – Working with others to develop Capability

Given the scope of developmental opportunity in the maritime field, we believe that there is significant potential to work in collaboration with other businesses or agencies to develop capability, trial and test specific components or to provide a basis for training.

Capabilities and Services

At the core of SSC are its people - best in class in their specialist fields. We can offer a variety of different consultancy packages to suit your needs from diving to project management and specialist engineering to Leadership.

Diver Delivery Unit

The revolutionary VICTA Class Diver Delivery Unit (DDU) VICTA 02 represents advanced maritime technology – a vessel combining the speed, range and capacity of a long-range insertion craft (LRIC) with the stealth and versatility of a swimmer delivery vehicle (SDV).

SubSea Craft

Belvedere Point

1a Alexandria Park

Penner Road



United Kingdom