Craft – VICTA adds a unique dimension to maritime, joint and special operations in the defence industry.

The vessel is exceptional insofar as it combines the characteristics of a Long-Range Insertion Craft (LRIC – a surface craft which fuses speed, range and capacity) with those of a Swimmer Delivery Vehicle (SDV – specialist submersible for delivering divers on or beneath the surface).

Furthermore, the craft transitions rapidly from surface to sub-surface, limiting exposure to the minimum and thus reducing risk:  the craft’s performance in both domains as well as its transition is enabled by a unique fly-by-wire control system

VICTA Specification

  • Surface operation
    • o30kt cruise speed (sea-state dependent)
    • c40kts max speed
  • Sub-surface operation
    • Dynamically stabilised
    • 6kt cruise speed
    • 8kt sprint speed
    • 30m max dive depth
    • Fully electric drive
  • Endurance
    • 250nm surfaced
    • 25nm submerged
  • Payload
    • 2 crew
    • 6 operators plus eqpt
    • Equivalent cargo/stores
  • Movement, deployment and launch options
    • Containerised
    • Road trailer
    • Surface vessel
    • Helicopter
    • Air transport
  • Fly-by-Wire Control System comprising:
    • Seamless control in both surface and sub-surface operation by use of common helm and controls
    • Enhanced stability when submerged, reducing pilot workload
    • Enabling rapid transition from surface to sub-surface