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Naval Design, Systems Integration, Project Management and In-Service Support

Rubicon Associates (RA) is an independent service provider with expertise in naval architecture and ship systems design and integration.

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Rubicon Associates (RA) is an independent service provider with expertise in naval architecture and ship systems design and integration.

RA offers integrated engineering solutions, project management, asset integrity management, and general consulting services. The multi-disciplinary company also delivers independent tender or project evaluations, as well as client management, business development and general support services for all types of naval platforms.

RA has extensive experience in the management of shipbuilding and ship repair processes. RA’s experience includes shipyard management, shipbuilding strategy development, as well as shipyard performance measurement, construction monitoring and surveying (owner’s engineer).

Engineering and technical services for naval platforms

RA specialises in general consulting services in naval platform design and integration, as well as marine and commercial shipbuilding.

Rubicon Associates provides the defence industry with project management and consultancy services for several types of naval applications.
Rubicon Associates has extensive experience in the design and implementation of global naval projects.
Rubicon Associates offers commercial advice for the naval defence industry, including contract management, procurement and customer relationships.

The company has engineering capabilities across all technical disciplines of naval architecture, hull structural design, marine and electrical engineering.

RA’s Subject Matter Experts have first-hand exposure to a number of local RAN and international naval defence design, integration, construction, installation, repair and asset integrity projects.

Experience with RAN platforms includes:

  • ANZAC frigates
  • Air warfare destroyers (AWD)
  • Collins class submarines
  • Heavy landing craft
  • Landing helicopter dock (LHD)
  • Frigate-guided missiles
  • Oilers (HMAS Success, HMAS Sirius)
  • Hydrographic ships
  • Minehunters

RA’s engineers fully understand the unique challenges that structures of naval vessels will experience during their lifetime, and provide long-lasting structural, functional and environmentally friendly engineering solutions.

Naval architecture, structural and marine engineering design and analysis are carried out through concept, basic, contractual and detail design development.

The company offers hull-form development, hydrostatics / hydrodynamics, detailed finite element (FE) analysis, as well as asset integrity management / risk-based inspection programmes, and operability studies.

RA’s solutions also include global / local structure design and optimisation, hull modifications, life-extension analysis and re-design, fatigue analysis, in addition to structural integrity management.

High-quality marine and systems engineering solutions

The multi-skilled RA team extends its expertise beyond naval projects and provides first-class services in mechanical engineering.

Station-keeping solutions such as conventional / thruster-assisted mooring, anchor detail engineering, as well as model test supervision and coordination are available.

Systems engineering services provided by RA include:

  • Engineering Metrics / Engineering Integration
  • Verification and validation
  • Test and evaluation
  • Technical performance measures
  • Requirements traceability

Expertise in technical certification and configuration of defence systems enables Rubicon Associates to conduct certification analysis, while allowing the company to develop and implement solutions within a naval technical regulatory framework.

Project management solutions for naval programmes

RA’s customer-focused team is fully equipped to provide specialist advice, planning, implementation, monitoring and control of naval programmes.

With more than 250 years of collective experience in naval projects, RA identifies benefits, develops strategies, and provides interface management solutions. The company provides stakeholder, financial, resource and risk management services, while its work is carried out according to Australian and international defence standards.

RA focuses on scheduling, planning, organising and implementing quality control. Project estimates, documentation and reports are also provided.

The company handles large and complex projects within strict restraints for time, cost and resources.

Extensive risk assessments for marine projects

RA carries out major risk assessments, which help to implement mitigating strategies and monitor the changing levels of risk during the entire project.

Complex engineering project management requires accurate and well-developed scheduling. RA develops programme / contract work breakdown structures and project master schedules, while the company analyses, observes and reports on project cost and progress.

Transition management services are available and include classification society surveying, as well as certification and management of asset / data handover to end-users.

RA understands the importance of configuration management services and assists with the preparation, composition and control of technical / contract data.

Lifecycle costing services are provided, using different estimating techniques and modelling assumptions at various stages.

Cost estimation, investigation and validation services include risk management associated with appropriate contingencies and forecasting.

Comprehensive commercial services advice for naval businesses

RA delivers competent business advice on commercial issues ranging from procurement, tender evaluation and development to contract management and performance. The issues surrounding the relationship between the client and its key customers are also identified in detail.

The company highlights project opportunities, helping clients understand costs and benefit analysis outcomes. The customer’s understanding of the impacts of macroeconomic conditions and different organisational models are developed through this process and, as a result, comprehensive strategy plans, business options and investment decisions are established.

RA supports government agencies in implementing strategies through well-developed evaluation criteria and methodologies. Government contracts and tenders are secured through:

  • Market positioning and target market opportunity identification
  • Requirements analysis
  • Concept development and identification of solutions
  • Winning strategies
  • Bid / proposal development and post-submittal activities follow-up

Rubicon Associates combines its strong understanding of the defence tendering process and procurement policies with technical and trade knowledge in order to provide an optimised service for the benefit of defence stakeholders.

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Rubicon Associates
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