Rubicon Associates is a team of vastly experienced engineers who provide high-level consultation and engineering solutions in a number of key disciplines.

Some of the areas where our engineers operate have been listed below.

Naval Architecture

Rubicon Associates’ naval architects have a strong background in all aspects of general ship design. This includes but is not limited to

  • Ship performance characteristics
  • General arrangement
  • Hydrostatics and hydrodynamics
  • Weight and moment control
  • Operational requirements

Structural Engineering

Rubicon Associates’ structural team possesses an excellent understanding of design, structural analysis concepts and advanced analysis methods applicable to ship structures. This includes static, dynamic and explicit analysis methods. The team has extensive experience of conducting complex finite element analysis across a range of software, as well as performing manual calculations and producing detailed technical reports.

Outfit and Equipment

Rubicon Associates’ outfit and equipment team are experienced naval architects with an excellent understanding of naval ships and systems design and integration. Our team are experts in the arrangement of ships across the full spectrum of shipboard systems including:

  • Compartment and equipment arrangements
  • Passive fire protection
  • Mooring and anchor systems
  • Cargo handling systems, lifting equipment, cranes
  • Preservation and coverings
  • Closures (doors and hatches)
  • Steering control systems
  • Replenishment at Sea (RAS) systems
  • Boat handling systems
  • Refrigerated spaces
  • Ladders, gratings and flooring systems
  • Minor structural foundations

Mechanical and Marine Engineering

Rubicon Associates’ mechanical and marine engineering team has valuable experience in the design, integration and installation of mechanical systems onboard ships.

The team is proficient in designing and developing a wide array of ship platform systems such as:

  • Ship propulsion plant, transmission and propulsor systems
  • Propulsion support systems and auxiliary systems
  • HVAC systems
  • Seawater, wastewater and fresh water systems
  • Compressed air and gas and hydraulic systems

Electrical Engineering

Rubicon Associates’ engineers specialise in various fields of electrical engineering. These include:

  • Electrical plant design in electric motors and generators
  • Electric cabling and cable installation systems
  • Power distribution systems, protection devices, switchboards
  • Power conversion equipment and batteries
  • Ships lighting system
  • Platform control system
  • Alarm systems and warning systems

All of Rubicon Associates’ electrical engineers have demonstrable knowledge of electrical circuits and are accustomed to creating single-line drawings using CAD software.

Integrated Logistics Support (ILS)

Rubicon Associates provides a complete ILS service, specialising in logistics engineering, technical authoring and training applicable to naval vessels.

Logistics engineering experience includes but is not limited to:

  • Conducting reliability, availability and maintainability and logistics support analysis activities
  • Production of task analysis reports across all support system constituent capabilities, addressing resources, procedures and personnel competency requirements
  • Performance of sparing analysis using various sparing models
  • Performance of obsolescence studies and the development of recommendations against agreed economic parameters
  • Codification of equipment and production of character data packs
  • Conducting engineering investigations
  • Life cycle costing of engineering change proposals
  • Management of data configuration through all ILS products and reporting traceability of ILS data.