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Optronic Technologies and Products

Airbus DS Optronics is the world leader in surveillance, periscope and high-performance optronic mast systems.

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Airbus DS is a leader in the supply of optical and opto-electronic products and services for security and defence.

Airbus DS supplies an extensive array of sensor technologies for air, sea and land-based systems surveillance and reconnaissance. Our competence in periscopes, optronic mast systems and surveillance and tracking systems for the naval surface platforms makes us a key strategic partner to maritime and security institutions.

For naval operations, optronic systems are vital to situational awareness, surveillance and navigation at sea. Our periscopes, optronic mast systems and platforms, with stabilised lines of sight, deliver clear image information, and provide a precise interface-to-fire control solution for land, sea and aerial targets. Our platforms can be easily integrated into existing on-board systems. Our precision systems reflect more than 100 years of experience in the field of naval equipment and meet the most stringent demands on performance, robustness and logistics.

Submarine periscopes

Airbus DS periscope systems contain a high-quality optical observation channel with a binocular tube. Their lines of sight are stabilised in elevation and azimuth by means of gyroscopes. Observation and operation are controlled directly on the periscope or from a combat system control console.

Airbus DS Optronics offers sights that ensure sailors always maintain an overview, even in rough and turbulent situations, during the day and night.
The MEOS II ensures surveillance or observation and targeting under most adverse weather and light conditions.
The Optronic Mast System OMS 100 is an ideal solution for both new-build or retrofit naval applications.

The periscope systems are equipped with various high-resolution cameras. The standard configuration includes a colour TV camera, a residual light TV camera and a digital camera.

A very precise, long-range and eyesafe laser rangefinder can also be integrated in addition to the passive optical rangefinder system.

The SERO 400 periscope system can be installed and used in combination with the OMS 100 optronics mast system.

The SERO 250 is a compact, state-of-the-art periscope system that was specifically designed for retrofit program solutions. It can make use of existing hoisting mechanisms, periscope bearings, seals, etc. Its small size makes it ideal for boats where space is at a premium. As a cost-optimised solution, the SERO 250 features the latest sensors and meets current customer requirements. The SERO 250 is available in an attack and search version. The search version includes a thermal imager.

Optronic mast systems

The optronics mast system consists of an optronic head equipped with a colour HDTV camera and a third generation thermal imager. A very precise, long-range and eyesafe laser rangefinder can also be integrated. The lines of sight of the cameras are stabilised in elevation and azimuth by means of gyroscopes. The sensor is integrated into a retractable unit outside the pressure hull of the submarine. Observation and operation are controlled directly on a separate console with a monitor or on a fire control console. The optronics mast system contains fully automatic functions that are ideal for missions where the sensor is exposed for an extremely short time.

The OMS 100 optronic mast system is a compact state-of-the-art optronics mast solution requiring no hull penetration.

Stabilised platforms for naval applications

Observation, target acquisition and tracking of ships, boats and aircraft during all conditions and at any time are essential for naval platforms. Detection at great distances must be ensured, even in rough seas and under poor visibility. Stabilised platforms make this possible. Optronic systems are an essential asset in naval operations to assist in detection, classification and identification of contacts and threats. Applications include sea rescue, surveillance, navigation (night and day), tracking, and aid to fire control solutions. The robust platforms and sensors are ideal for the tough demands at sea and have proven their capabilities in many missions.

The stabilised, day / night surveillance system MEOS II (maritime electro-optical system) is offered as a maritime surveillance (MEOS II S) or maritime target acquisition and tracking system (MEOS II N).

Periscope maintenance services

During on-board use, the submarine optronics system is subject to heavy duty operating conditions. In order to keep it in a fully operational state over a long period of time, cleaning, maintenance and repair work have to be performed at regular intervals.

In addition to on-board (level 1) and base maintenance (level 2), Airbus DS offers a periscope workshop for maintenance and repair levels three and four. This workshop is placed in-country at the naval dockyard or at the naval facilities itself.

A dedicated building and special equipment are required for the periscope workshop in order to maintain and repair the submarine optronics system. The building is equipped with tools generally required for the maintenance and repair mechanical, optical and electronic equipment as well as with specific tools and test equipment to the submarine optronics system.


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