Hyundai Heavy Industries Co Ltd (HHI), a subsidiary of Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Co Ltd, is a heavy industries company.

Its business units include shipbuilding, offshore and engineering, naval and special ships, and engine and machinery.

Its marine engineering and machinery products include propellers, two-stroke engines, four-stroke engines, engine power plants, hi-ballast water treatment systems, hi-gas-fuel gas supply systems, cargo oil pumping systems, hi-well cargo pumping systems, and gas compressors.

HHI’s fleet portfolio consists of HDF-4000 multi-purpose frigate, HDD-10000 Aegis destroyer, HDD-5000 stealth destroyer, HDS-1800 AIP submarine, HDF-3000 multi-purpose frigate, HDL-7000 landing ship, HDM-4000 mine-laying ship, HDT-5500 training vessel, and HDP-5000 offshore patrol vessel.