high-performance hf and gas engines

Sky Power GmbH supplies patented next-generation two-stroke combustion and Wankel engines for helicopters, unmanned fixed wings, VTOLs and hybrid unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in the naval industry.

Two-stroke aircraft engines for naval applications

Sky Power offers customisable two-stroke engines in one or two cylinder configurations.

All engines are available as a twin-spark (TS) version for increased safety and reliability.

Sky Power engines are custom-made according to the required performance parameters, or the used aircraft or fuel type.

Sky Power specialises in the design and manufacture of modern heavy-fuel (HF) engines.
All Sky Power engines can be powered on HF or gas.
The company’s Wankel engines are lightweight and offer increased payload capabilities for field operations.
Sky Power's complete propulsion systems are delivered for immediate deployment.
The company incorporates high-quality engineering capabilities and more than 35 years of experience in all its products.

ECU injection and ignition systems for reduced fuel consumptions

HKZ 215 is a high-performance ignition system, which provides considerably higher ignition performance. The overall performance of the engine is increased and the exhaust emission values are improved through the system.

The HKZ has a lightweight and robust, nickel-plated aluminium coating. All add-on components such as connection sockets and spark plug connectors are designed for demanding areas of application. The ignition system is shielded and has low interference radiation.

Sky Power’s ECU030 is a fuel injection system for two and four stroke engines. The universal electronic fuel injection system is used in petrol blend and HF applications.

A controller connects the fuel blend, air pressure and external temperature, while four ignition channels with two separate adjustable injection nozzles ignite the fuel blend. In the process, the pump pressure is electronically regulated and the automatic choke function is also built in.

All engine data can be monitored by means of a PC, while all settings and the maintenance of the engine can be easily carried out through the user interface.

The ECU 030’s functional modules include:

  • Digital inputs
  • Analogue inputs
  • Switching outputs (low side / high side)

The CAN-BUS serves for communication. The following functions are controlled via the CAN-BUS:

  • Control functions such as control of the servo motors and fuel injection
  • Evaluation of the sensor signals (analogue / digital)
  • General diagnostic functions
  • Manual diagnostic functions
  • System updates

Engine kit for performance-optimised engines

Sky Power also introduces a novel UAS-engine construction kit in order to enable more efficient and performance-optimised engines in future. Propulsion units can be tuned to the customer’s desired performance parameters and application area using this system.

The engine kit consists of widely different components. The basic engine can be equipped with a carburettor and the new injection from Sky Power, while the desired exhaust, silencer, and the new ECU and ignition can be added. The engine can be provided with an e-drive or generator, which uses a converter to generate electrical energy for batteries and supercapacitors.

The engine can be used as a power generator for electrical motors and as a combined system in which electrical and combustion energy are used in combination. Pure usage from combustion energy is likewise possible.

The engine can be used as a pure power generator for electrical motors, but also as a combined system in which electrical and combustion energy can be used in combination. Pure usage from combustion energy is likewise possible.

Lightweight Wankel engines for increased field payloads

The compact Sky Power SP- 180 SRE hybrid cycle is lightweight and offers a high power-to-weight ratio, enabling higher payloads during field operations. An additional 15Kw simplifies its lift-off or acceleration processes through the hybrid-boost power capabilities.

The engine can be powered using gas or HF, so the company also supplies a standard manifold or a high-pressure injection (HPI).

Muffler systems to reduce engine volume

Sky Powers’s mufflers use a type of turbine wheels that are permanently installed in a cylinder to increase performance while simultaneously minimising the volume.

Individual, wheel-mounted fins are organised in defined angles to level out the exhaust gas’ sound wave.

Innovative technologies for optimal TBO

TBOs depend on the used RPM-level, the flight environment, the maintenance and the engine type. Customers achieve TBOs above 500hrs/engine with the Sky Power engines.

About Sky Power GmbH

Sky Power GmbH is the leading manufacturer of two-stroke combustion and Wankel engines for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and hybrid applications. Complete propulsion facilities, customer adaptations, developments and the capacity extension of the combustion engines are another business objective.

Sky Power develops all its engines in Germany.