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With more than 130 years of experience, Noske-Kaeser is one of the most successful suppliers of marine equipment. As a reliable partner of the shipbuilding industry, Noske-Kaeser provides customised, innovative, economical solutions in the fields of air conditioning, ventilation, fire fighting, refrigeration and heating. With high-quality products and a competent service, the company has developed quality standards that have set new benchmarks worldwide. Noske-Kaeser stands for safety and reliability with which you can confidently set sail.

Air conditioning and ventilation systems

More than 1,500 Noske-Kaeser air conditioning and ventilation systems are in service on frigates, fast patrol boats, submarines, mine hunters and supply vessels all over the world. Efficient NBC protection systems for naval ships form part of the programme. Noske-Kaeser offers two different types of NBC protective air systems – a modular system and a door station. The door station has been especially developed for frigates.

Due to their modular design the plants developed by Noske-Kaeser can be adapted to any environment. Individually produced, they combine high-tech with safety and reliability. They meet the naval requirements for worldwide navy vessels according to the German Naval Rules for shock and vibration resistance.

For the air-conditioning on naval vessels of all types, Noske-Kaeser offers various sizes and ratings of standardised air-conditioning units. Inside these lightweight units the air is filtered, cooled and dehumidified. If required, active-carbon filters and heaters can be integrated. Chilled water sets are used to supply cold water consumers with cold water, e.g. air-conditioning plants and air coolers of all kinds. The rating and design of these units are individually adapted to the specific technical conditions.

Noske-Kaeser is a leading supplier of marine equipment.
Noske-Kaeser air conditioning and ventilation systems are in use on frigates, fast patrol boats, submarines, mine hunters and supply vessels worldwide.
Noske-Kaeser offers NBC protective air systems for naval ships.
Chilled water units supply cold water for air-conditioning plants and air coolers of all kinds.
Noske-Kaeser’s range of fire-fighting equipment includes the HyFEx® system.
Noske-Kaeser offers complete service for its entire product range.

Refrigeration plants for naval vessels

Noske-Kaeser develops and provides refrigeration plants of various designs which are optimally adapted to the demands of the navy. In particular, the direct evaporation cooling plants, compact chilled water sets and refrigeration plants for weapon containers are renowned achievements in the industry. Noske-Kaeser plants are characterised by vibration-free and low-noise operation, light weight and an operator-friendly, compact design. In addition, the plants are very high quality and require little servicing. All the plants comply with naval specifications and are resistant to shock and vibration.

Fire-fighting equipment for ships

Noske-Kaeser fire-fighting equipment is installed on numerous types of ships. The range of service comprises expert consultation, design, installation and servicing of various types of fire-fighting systems, including seawater spray and sprinkler systems, gas and powder fire extinguishing equipment, and the HyFEx® system developed by Noske-Kaeser, a low-pressure water spray system with foam admixture.

All of these systems are state-of-the-art and meet the requirements of both classification societies and navies. Various versions of CO2 plants built by Noske-Kaeser have produced excellent results on numerous naval vessels.

Service from Noske-Kaeser

Noske-Kaeser offers complete service for its entire product range. We tailor this service individually for each customer – the optimum solution is the goal for each case. However, our service doesn’t end at our own product categories; together with renowned partners, we are also actively available to you in all preceding and following technology fields. "Service from a single source" is more than just a slogan for us.

Conversion services

Plants and investment goods necessitate continuous adaptation to new market requirements and techniques. Many conversion projects are coupled with tight deadlines – we’re your reliable partner for this, ensuring on-time completion. Noske-Kaeser offers a complete service chain in the field of conversions – from planning through to putting plants and systems into operation. We can call upon decades of experience in this field. We have proved through numerous projects that we are able to complete technically demanding conversions, even under considerable scheduling pressure, to the fullest satisfaction of our customers.

Marine plant and equipment repair

Even the best plants and equipment sometimes fail. Noske-Kaeser offers a repair service throughout the world, which is supplemented by our 24hr emergency service. In the interest of our customers, we place emphasis on rapid and cost-optimised repairs. For us, failure analysis and recommendation of measures to prevent future failures is a matter of course.

Spare parts supply

Whether for emergency replacement, the replenishment of stocks or scheduled maintenance, Noske-Kaeser offers genuine spare parts for your equipment – delivered on time and worldwide.

Even for older systems we are able to provide genuine parts or equivalents. Contact us if you require spare parts or skeleton contracts or optimised parts provisioning. We’ll develop a spare parts concept together with you which meets your individual needs and desires.

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