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Vessel and Crew Protection

Maritime craft fuel tank protection and Skydex shock mitigation technologies


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TSS International supplies products that focus on the protection of vehicles, vessels, cargo and crews worldwide.

With a strong focus on armoured vehicles, the company also supplies Skydex shock mitigation technology and its own ProtecTank fuel tank protection system for maritime craft.

Maritime shock mitigation solutions

TSS acts as the official European distributer of Skydex. Skydex technology uses patented polymer-based geometrics to shield users from impacts, increasing comfort and reducing the risks of vibration or shock-related injuries.

When travelling through water at high speeds, maritime vessels are exposed to continual shocks from waves. The repetitive shocks and whole-body vibrations (WBV) can cause discomfort, muscle fatigue and injuries that lead to decreased operator effectiveness and increased sick leave and hospitalisation.

Made from highly durable elastomers, Skydex is a lightweight and low-profile shock mitigation solution.
Repetitive shocks and whole-body vibrations (WBV) can cause discomfort, muscle fatigue and injuries.
ProtecTank uses protective layers to mitigate the risks of leakage, fire and explosion.
The ProtecTank flame-retardant coating prevents fuel tanks from igniting.

Skydex has created the Boat Deck product line to reduce shock transfer, minimising risk and injury, as well as increasing comfort on the water. The thin sheets of high-grade, resilient polymers absorb up to 60% more force than foam-cushioned decking. Made from highly durable elastomers, the proprietary lightweight technology is low profile with a product lifecycle of more than ten years.

Offering a range of solutions, Skydex can be retrofitted or added to newbuild ships. The shock mitigation sheets can be cut to fit around equipment, hatches and consoles, as well as supplied as seat cushion inserts to improve non-suspension seating protection. They can also be supplied with an integrated marine-grade non-slip surface.

Maritime fuel tank protection solutions

Both land-based vehicles and maritime vessels require fuel tanks for mobility, however they are at risk during ballistic or explosive attack. The extra weight of protective armoured steel is not practical for marine vessels. The TSS ProtecTank® offers an alternative, instead protecting the fuel tank with an original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-grade quality, lightweight coating.

ProtecTank uses protective layers to mitigate the risks of leakage, fire and explosion. A specially developed fuel-swellable foam reduces the effects of punctures by bullets or grenade-fragments. Limiting leakage to just a few drops, the self-sealing materials, which meet UL94 standards, keep fuel in the tank and available to the engine.

The surface layer of the ProtecTank treatment is a flame-retardant coating, which reduces fire risks, slowing down the effects of open fire on the fuel tank and preventing it from igniting. Upon request, the interior of the fuel tank can able be filled with a safety foam that reduces the danger of explosion.

Existing fuel tanks can be treated by TSS with the self-sealing ProtecTank system to maximise their potential. The system has undergone testing at TNO Netherlands, as well as the Industrieanlagen-Betriebsgesellschaft (IABG) and Beschussamt in Germany.

About TSS

Founded in 1976 in the Netherlands, TSS aims to protect passengers and vehicles while allowing them to stay on the move. Following its incorporation in 1999, the company has expanded its product portfolio to become a full-service provider.

Along with its range of carefully selected partners, TSS tests all its products at renowned institutions and its processes have been certified by Lloyds since 2006, and are also ISO 9001 audited to meet the highest standards of quality.

TSS products are used globally by organisations that include armed forces, border patrol, humanitarian aid organisations, and government transport services.

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