Since 1974, Rodman Polyships has designed and constructed Glass-Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and composite-material fast patrol boats and fast patrol vessels for naval, maritime surveillance and maritime law enforcement applications.


Rodman provides a wide range of fast patrol boats between 11m and 45m in length, with extensive flexibility to design and construct its units on a case-by-case basis to match any customer’s individual technical specification, arrangement and operational performance as required.

Founded in 1974 with headquarters in Vigo, Spain, Rodman operates four shipyards, two located in Spain and two in northern and southern Portugal. The company employs 500 staff, including a highly-qualified design and production naval architects team, and an experienced production and engineering staff and workforce.


Rodman has a range of hull moulds available, specifically designed for constructing fast patrol boats which cover most of the needs for coastal and offshore surveillance and law enforcement missions. These fast patrol boats include:

The Rodman 55 interceptor is 17m in length and can achieve speeds in excess of 55 knots.
The Rodman 58 general-purpose fast patrol boat for police, coastguard and other applications is 18m in length and can travel at up to 35 knots.
The Rodman 101 fast patrol boat is 30m long, can achieve speeds of 35 knots and is ideal for customs applications and other activities at sea.
The Rodman 101 fast patrol boat for naval applications is 30m in length and can travel at up to 30 knots.
The Rodman 145 fast patrol vessel for offshore surveillance has a length of 44m, can achieve speeds up to 30 knots and has various power and propulsion system arrangements.
  • The Rodman 33: 10m in length with speeds up to 50 knots
  • The Rodman 38: 11m in length with speeds up to 30 knots
  • The Rodman 46: 14m in length with speeds up to 35 knots
  • The Rodman 46 interceptor: 14m in length with speeds in excess of 50 knots
  • The Rodman 55: 17m in length with speeds up to 35 knots
  • The Rodman 55 interceptor: 17m in length with speeds in excess of 50 knots
  • The Rodman 58: 18m in length with speeds up to 35 knots
  • The Rodman 66: 20m in length with speeds up to 30 knots
  • The Rodman 101: 30m in length with speeds up to 35 knots
  • The Rodman 145: 44m in length with speeds up to 30 knots


Our fast patrol boats can be specifically designed to match the customer’s operational requirements by offering different deck and superstructure arrangements, with flexibility to create a customised deck and internal layout.

Machinery, propulsion gear, materials and other boat equipment can also be customised to match the operational performances intended.


Rodman also designs and constructs fast boats for various applications, such as Search And Rescue (SAR) boats, pilot boats and fast passengers boats. They all have the same flexibility, design and construction quality as our other products, and possess the same technology and facilities as our fast patrol boats,


Rodman is fully committed to quality. We ensure the best designs and shipbuilding levels by using the best raw materials and equipments available in the marketplace. In recognition of this, the company is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and NATO PECAL / ASAP 2110 certified.

Checks and tests are carried out on all frames to ensure we continue to comply with quality assurance certifications. We also fulfil all boat-classification society requirements.


Our in-house quality-assurance laboratory, fully equipped with chemical and mechanical-test equipment, is managed by qualified and independent staff who monitor and audit the design and production procedures to ensure maximum quality.

Raw materials and other production components are checked and tested before being used in production. R&D is also performed to incorporate new materials and construction methods into our design and production methods.


Rodman designs and constructs its fast patrol boats for most of the Spanish government agencies involved in maritime surveillance, as well as for custom, coastguard, fishing inspection and naval applications, amongst others.

Rodman has also been present in the international market since the early 1980s, having exported a large number of its fast patrol boats to countries in Europe, Africa, Central America, South America, the Middle East and the Far East.

A full company portfolio, featuring boat range, full company information and worldwide customer references, is available upon request.