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Danish Yacht

Hi-Tech, Tailor-Made Carbon Fibre Yachts

Vestre Tvaermole 28,
9990 Skagen,

Danish Yachts is a modern shipyard located in the far north of Denmark that specialises in the building of very high-tech, modern composite superyachts from 30m to 50m in length. We specialise in carbon epoxy construction, and we build all of our vessels in a very environmentally friendly way – our vessels are much lighter than our competitors’, which translates into much lower horsepower requirements or far greater speed, which then leads to significant fuel savings.

We offer a range of vessels, including superyachts, motor yachts, sailing yachts, and military and workboat vessels.

Luxury superyachts and military vessels

Our shipyard has three large sheds, which take up an area of 5,500m², and also benefits from joinery and metal workshops on-site. We have established an excellent reputation based on the exceptional build quality of our luxury superyachts and our attention to detail. Our specialist build teams are able to design and produce bespoke technical systems for any type of vessel, whether power or sail. We also build military vessels, and have already constructed six composite vessels for the Danish Navy.

Military yachts and high-speed military patrol boats

Danish Yachts is now producing the most unique high-speed patrol boat available in the world today; the high-speed 38m patrol boat, Guardian, has a top speed of 50 knots and a range of 1,000 miles.

Six MK I Holm class patrol boats began construction in November 2004 for the Danish Navy. Two of the vessels were specially constructed to carry out seismological surveys, two are mine-sweepers and two are used for training cadets. The MK I is of fibreglass-polyester sandwich construction (FRP) and has a length of 28.9m. The six patrol boats have been approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) and fulfil the very exacting requirements of the Danish Navy.

Danish Yachts also offers the 45m Protector as part of its range of military yachts.

Motor yachts

Danish Yachts offers a range of motor yachts, including:

  • Moon Goddess
  • 25m Espen Oeino
  • 36m Flybridge
  • 38m Espen Oeino high-speed motor yacht
  • 39m Flybridge
  • 47m Flybridge

Hi-tech open-top dayboat with twin MTU engines

Moon Goddess is a hi-tech open-top dayboat. She has a length of 115ft, a top speed of 45 knots and fantastic manoeuvrability. Moon Goddess is made of carbon fibre, Kevlar and epoxy, which means she is faster, stronger and lighter than other superyachts that are made of steel or fibreglass. With her twin MTU engines jointly providing an output of 7500 HP, you can really feel the tremendous power and amazing manoeuvrability that this beautiful vessel offers.

Carbon fibre, twin diesel motor yacht

The 38m Espen Oeino carbon fibre dayboat is the signature product for Danish Yachts. Built for speed, comfort and style, this vessel will be the fastest twin diesel motor yacht in the world, with speeds above 50 knots. Composite work is three quarters complete and delivery is scheduled for spring 2010.

Sailing yachts

Danish Yachts’ Ranger J Class sailing yacht was built at the superyacht yard in Denmark in 2003, using all the skills of the design and build team in Skagen. The exquisite interior and exterior woodwork was carried out by joiners in the Danish Yachts yard, and the highest standards were adhered to in the fit out, which is apparent when Ranger is seen on the water.

Ranger took the prestigious award for ‘Highest Technical Achievement in a Sailing Yacht’ at the Annual Showboat Awards the year after she was launched. Her superb finish is down to the expertise of the team at Danish Yachts, working closely with the naval architects and interior design teams. Her luxury interior illustrates the incomparable joinery skills of the craftsmen at Danish Yachts, who combined traditional quality with a modern approach to the working technical areas on board.

Luxury yacht and high specification superyacht for round-the-world travel

Fidel is the first luxury yacht that Danish Yachts delivered in December 2001. It is 110ft in length and was designed by Tony Castro. Its beautiful interior was designed by Zuretti Interior Designers.

The Aventura is a high specification superyacht delivered by Danish Yachts in March 2005. She was designed by the Fontaine Design Group and her history is based on the owner’s dream that one day he would sail around the world with his family. The Aventura offers a voyage away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – simple pleasures in a wonderful yacht on the great oceans of the world.

Danish Yacht

Vestre Tvaermole 28

9990 Skagen