ELNA is a globally active provider of rugged military and commercial antennas.

Founded in 1952, ELNA produces proven quality products that have been made in Germany for decades. Navies worldwide value the reliability, ruggedness, and quality of our transmitting and receiving antennas.

Transmitting and receiving MF / HF antennas for navies

Military forces around the world have to stay connected and coordinated even under adverse operating conditions. While focusing on demanding missions, they cannot worry about the equipment they use.

ELNA’s medium-frequency (MF) / high-frequency (HF) antennas are a key part of reliable long-range radio communication. Antennas made by ELNA are distinguished by high quality for professional users. ELNA’s ‘DUK’ brand antennas meet the requirements of global military / naval forces, authorities, and commercial ships.

With rugged and virtually maintenance-free antennas, the company strives to contribute to marine forces’ secure and successful operations.
ELNA's MF / HF antennas (receiving / transceiving) are a key part of reliable long-range radio communication.
ELNA antennas are reliable, virtually maintenance-free, and extremely robust.

ELNA antennas are reliable, virtually maintenance-free, and extremely robust. They offer 0.1MHz-30MHz frequency range (medium / high frequency), withstand wind speeds of up to 200km/h, and are available in various types, matching your project requirements. The space-saving and freestanding antennas are up to 14m high or higher for special projects and are also available with an individual colour coating.

Extremely durable rod and mast antennas

All our MF / HF antennas are made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic. The lightweight antennas exhibit optimal resilience against adverse conditions such as ice, wind, and fouling. ELNA antennas are mostly resistant against salt water, oils, and chemicals and can be cleaned with sweet water or light soapy water. All antennas and accessories have been tested for decades and quality is strictly managed throughout the production process.

Installation and matching accessories

Due to their proven design, ELNA antennas exhibit very slight deflection, are simple to install and require minimal space. Mounts, bases, and tilting devices enable safe and easy handling of the antennas. They can be easily tilted when adding ELNA’s respective joints and devices. High-quality lead-in, strain, and stand-off insulators are available to prevent unwanted voltage flows. For smaller antennas, antenna-matching transformers are available to connect common coaxial cables.

Non-directional beacons / NDB antennas

Non-directional beacons by ELNA offer reliable orientation and radio direction finding even in demanding terrain for pilots and seafarers. ELNA NDB antennas are installed in airports, offshore platforms and heliports.

The beacons are equipped with a coil to match the desired frequency range, typically between 180kHz to 580kHz. Antenna feeding is possible both internally through the base or externally. The mast antennas are self-supporting, do not require costly and spacious stands, and can be installed on room-limited sites.

By default, ELNA NDB antennas come in two heights (14.5m and 11.5m). In addition, customer-specific solutions are available to meet the requirements of a particular terrain.

An optional tilting joint alleviates the assembly of the antenna while enabling a swift exchange of the coil if needed.